I'm gonna try to get a dorm when I go to college because I can't live with my parents anymore. I'm yelled at everyday over something so small and stupid they make me feel like I'm going insane. My dad yelled at me today because a ceiling fan. I was telling me dad there was no reason for his fan to turn down and he got mad because I "always have something to say." I don't understand why I always have to keep my mouth shut. I don't understand how my age makes anything I say, think, or feel invalid.
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1 Response Jun 9, 2015

i feel exactly the same way my parents although absolutely despise teens so they beat and yell at me for everything even if I haven't done anything. They just use me now to get rid of their anger and stress by dealing it on me. calling me "******* immature stupid little ******* boy" they gave up on me a long time and are kicking me out the house once I turn 18. I don't I'd rather. unfortunately they won't help me with anything anymore I have to pay for my last year of high-school and college because they dont think im having a good life. Which i find incredibly immature and stupid itself because Im a straight A honors student, who plays violin. the last time I hanged out with a friend was 8th grade, but whatever I don't need them anymore. I pray for my sister now.