i cant bear living with them anymor. i hate them soo much, i could be told my mum had died in a car accident and i would smile. i hav day dreams about being told they died! its prob not very healthy but i dont care. they completly ignor me. i haf2 do my own washing, cook my own food, wash my own dishes, get myself everywhere i wanna go, etc. they dont giv a flying f about me yet they get so angry at me wenever i do anything. ANYTHING!! ther is always sum reason for y ther angry at me. they so dont get me. i see a counciler and they blame me of jst bad mouthin them to the counciler. the mock wat i say wen i get into depressed moods. i jst wish they would die!!
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I wish my parents would ignore me. They can hardly let me go ten waking minutes in their presence without either verbally abusing me or finding some chore that doesn't need to be done.

Hej Honey,

I hate my parents too. I really ****** hate them they disgust really. they stink and are stupid. I have some times contemplated to kill and harm them. I do my best to hurt them. They are religious. that makes me vomit. **** their god. **** them. **** allah. **** muhamedm They have to vomit and use it to make their food for the next meal day. I ****** hate them all. I want too kill them the only reason that prevents me is that the police bugs me then. I kill them stab them right in the chest and see them hardly make their last breath. I see them vomiting vomit and assm I ****** hate them. and the only reason I am in a same appartment with them is that i want their moneym I ****** hate them. I am leaving this ****** up family and country in 5 days. chk.

Hail satan. satan please help me.

you are an adult, so move out if it sucks! i didnt like living at home either so i moved out when i turned 18. im much happier, and i dont fight with my parents now that its my choice how i live and if i see them.

sorry but thats too rude<br />
most of us hate our parents but we shall nevr pray dat dey should die<br />
everybody has sum good n sum bad qualities ...........look at their good ones<br />
remember--2 luv somone even 1 reason is enough<br />
look back into ur past n try to find atlest 1 reson 2 luv dem ...........der might be atleast 1 reason ........i'm sure of it ......u just need to search hard

mine too my parents ignore me but idolise my little brother i wish and dream and hope that they would just roll over and die!!!!!!!!!! i know thts harsh but i really hate my so called PARENTS

**** My Parents. They never think about me .

I hope that my parents could die too-the sooner, the better. I try so hard to be nice to them and to help them do chores but all they do is disrespect me, yell at me and say very negative things about me. God I hate them! <br />
if your counselor doesnt beleive you in what you have to say about your parents, then it is not a good counselor. Some parents like ours are just totally ****** up and screwed up in their minds!<br />
At least whe you'll move out of your parents place, you will already be independent so good luck with your future of parent-free life!

screw them

i have the exact same experience..but it happens thrice every week. Better...i guess. But i know it s*cks like s*it. Currently my parents are throwing a tantrum all around me.. they have no responsibiltiy over their acts (coz i'm the one who ends up cleaning up things WITHOUT COMPLAINT, gosh, i'm obedient {Gag}) . They won't leave me alone. i treasure my privacy and it makes them nuts. i have no idea why they're so pissed off with this.

Hello twix5000 sorry about the whole situation but whatever your doing is good in a way and the moving out part was the best according to me !!!<br />
<br />
They were driving you crazy when you were with them,And you even decided to commit suicide just coz of them which is so NOT right.<br />
<br />
Ok but now that you moved out you do feel like they like you and just because they didnt do your work doesnt mean that they didnt love you its just that some people suck at parenting but that doesn't mean they dont have the right to give birth ! Also if you would have been a little mature about the whole situation i am sure it would have helped you alot in many ways. <br />
<br />
Anyways i am happy for you that you found a friend and his family to live along with :) why care about your parents ? they will turn old one day and have nobody to take care of them when they needed the most and will pass away just like that ;) i bet you will have a smile on your face at that time , like you mentioned.<br />
<br />
Bro, i am not here to talk **** or anything but think about it ,think about things in is also possible that your parents might die in a car accident next day...then what ? How will you ever be sorry to them ? and you know what ? <br />
If this happens then you will be weeping your heart out just wishing that you should have apologized to them but that wont help.<br />
<br />
No i dont have the best parents in the world,in fact if i am here you can imagine what was on my mind. But i dont think i can have a smile on my face if anything happens to them.<br />
<br />
Peace Bro...i hope the best for you in life, we might never talk again but my good wishes are with you always.<br />
<br />
Regards<br />

i know what it's like, and i agree with the cooking n looking after your self part, probably 4/10 have to do that because they have useless people who pose as parents, just because they were able to make a baby dosnt mean their qualifyed to be parents, <br />
once my mum made an appointment to make me see the councilor during the beginning of an exam, since i wasnt there to finnish off the last 30 questions i failed it and they went nuts over it. anything i do is questioned and interrogated,<br />
getting 1 or 2 jobs in the holidays or after school is good, while your at home you wont have to pay bills too often but save up for a car a cheap one not something fancy and expensive you can get it later next is either renting, but at the moment prices are crazy or get a few friends to share rent then maybe later get your own place, i'd do anything to get away from my parents even marry some ugly old decapitated guy just to be able to move away, bit extreme i know but it might show how much i dislike them in everyway, no matter what you or I do it will never be good enough, whenever they are pissed off your the first one to blame just because you happen to be there, no point seeing a professional councilor one of those types about it, they just tell them off, your parents pretend to agree and see the error of their way and when they get home BAM they either hit you, yell at you or threaten you in some other manner or just leave it for 1 week before they get around to it.

ouch that's harsh but I'm not here to judge you. look at it like this, having to cook, clean, wash your own clothes and finding your own means of transportation as a training course to get you ready for living on your own out in the world. you might not like it now but later in life you will be happy you had to do all that on your own. i seen your age range your old enough to get a job and make your own money and you can save up for a car and you can save up for your own apartment when your 18 your considered an adult you can move out of your parents house. As far as how they act towards you with the councilor situations I wish I had something inspiring to say to that all I can say is try talking to them and telling them how you feel or even suggest to your councilor on calling your parents in for a meeting so everyone can say what needs to be said and it won't get out of hand. sometimes when there is someone to mediate the situation from outside of the circle that way people aren't taking sides. it's easier for a stranger on the outside looking in to analyze a situation then it is for the people actually involved in it. It's worth a shot Good luck