I Love Them For Only a Few Things

I love my parents for only a few things, For taking care of me, for paying for my expenses and assetts, and for letting me stay in their house. Everything else about them I feel no love. I hate them. I feel like I was born to be different from them. The way that they think is wrong to me. I don't agree with the words that they say. I may seem stubborn but What I believe in is right to me. If I ever become a parent one day. I hope to not be like my mom or my dad. . . I Know I may sound like a terrible dishonorable child but I can't help but choose my own decisions. I want to live my life knowing that they aren't there to interrogate me.  I want to live my life knowing that they will let me grow and be independent. I want to live my life knowing that I can grow up to be myself. Not who they want me to be. I just want to be me and who I come to be.  .  .  

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i relate to you a lot. I feel the same way about my parents. I feel very grateful thankful and blessed for everything they provided me for. It's like you are never good enough for them and it's sad. They will appreciate you and respect you in time.

I feel excatly the same way. I make one little mistake, and I end up crying in ny bedroom because my mom gives me that look.

You are one of many. Join the club. Those thoughts are mirrors of what goes through my head frequently.

I know exactly how you feel.

I love my parents? But I dont? I feel the same way that I'm allowing them to "control" my life is because they have monetary control over me. I also feel bad for what I'm feeling though... My dad says he loves me, cares alot about me.. But at the same time he'll yell at me such mean things, and he'll say very rude things at me. Anytime I dont follow his way, he'll yell at me. I'm so sick and tired of this... Don't get me started with my mom. She said "If you want to hear nice things, don't come to me.. You'll only hear criticism from me." She was an abusive mother. She was such a bad mother, but she'll provide me with plenty of nice things.. My parent's are simply my "monetary provider".

same here. i'm only attached to my parents economically. but once i'm 18, i'm out. i'm better off on my own.

I sympathize. The only thing that ties me to my parents is that I'm basically in debt to them for living expenses. Monetary guilt. I'm trying my hardest to do well in school so that I can get scholarships for university. I want to leave with no ties, no looking back, and no "guilt."<br />
I'm going to be successful someday. I'm going to leave, and cut all ties with them. I'll send a check every now and then because they did pay for my living for these years. But that's it.<br />
We'll be free soon... :)

wow i can not belive that there is so munch hate out there if any one has a good reason to hate their parents is me. im 18 and have abused i could have call ed the police or child welfare a number of times but stuck out and even with all the abuse I love them with out give you my whole medical history here the long & short of it because medical problems i forced to wear diapers 24/7 this not some thing i want do it something i have to so i can deal with the fact of wearing but i cant deal with the fact that they make get changed by my mother i ma a18 old guy and perfecticaly able to change my self this also carried out in iront of my younger brothers and sisters or who ever else is there when i need to be changed i am so punished with a leather belt ne the bare butt when i was we we at a family gathering in public park i had accident and wet myself i was changed and spanked right out in the open another time one after my house chores i was suppose to meet up with my buddy i had a ccident again and was just going take care of it my self when my father discovered it and told me to go my room and sit in my wet and dirty pants until he ready for that i was going get anoter beating after about a hour my buddy came to the house looking for me my father laed to my room followed him in closed the door took the belt off the back the door im pleading no please no but it on deaf ears as he told my buddy al about my personal problem he then ordered me to undress and my buddy could see me in my wet and dirty diaper and once i was naked he made me lay across the bed and beat me all in front of friend so if any has reason to hate his parents its me but do not hate i love them

I just can not forget how cruel my mum has been. Hitting me since I was a baby for reasons I don’t remember. Even if the fault was mine, she has had no rights to torture me physically. Mostly, she used to hit me because she had to take it out on someone and my little baby mistakes were a reason enough for her to punish me. <br />
<br />
Most of my life I thought my dad loved me and he understood me. I thought he would be my shield from my wicked mum. Today I realize that he is no different. The difference is he pretends to be understanding, listens to me and does not hit me. <br />
<br />
My parents have their reasons, like being protective, concern, care, wanting my bright future and all the good things. All they can’t give me is the life I want. Till today I have not met a single person who has ever said I am not a good girl. Everyone praises me. Everyone has many good things to tell me about myself. Everyone thinks I have a good brain. Everyone but my parents, my parents have never liked anything I have done. <br />
<br />
Today I write this and I cry. I cry almost daily. I am depressed and anxious, nervous and di-motivated. Close friends tell me to be courageous and to not worry or think about this, that I should rather think about how lucky I am. I am (maybe) lucky. My parents have been kind enough to me.<br />
<br />
My parents work hard to give me the best. They have given me the best possible education. Good clothes. Nice food to eat. Room to live in. What else can anyone expect? I am lucky that I am not born to the poor who can’t even afford food to eat. I am lucky but I have no life. I am living because I am not dead.<br />
<br />
I have tried to talk to my parents a million times. I have tried to tell them I feel sick of their attitude. I have fought, I have cried and I have said as nicely as possible. They just don’t understand. I need to live my way.<br />
<br />
I am not a criminal or a drug addict not have I ever done anything in my life to bring disgrace to my parents. My parents worry uncontrollable about some wrong that I might do or might happen to me. Something they are worried about that had not happened till now. <br />
<br />
I can’t imagine of my parents being dead. So many times I wish I was dead instead. I can not handle it anymore. I can never make my parents happy. I hate myself for hating my parents. They keep telling me I am their strength and they forget I am a human.

I know how you feel.. And my story is very similar to nbarlow's story, but at least dad left and he doesn't call cause he knows he's a bad parent, but she thinks she's the best mom there is.. And she's everything but that

I'm 18, and I have the same story as most of you. I've always stayed away from my dad my whole life, I mean we've said hi and gotten along SOMETIMES, but rarely ever are we getting along. <br />
I've never liked him, and he used to be an alcoholic that hit my mom and didn't even look at me for 9 months when I was a baby because he didn't think I was his. Those days are long gone now, but it seems that the traumatic experience stayed with everyone. I had 2 half brothers, 2 half sisters and two real sisters. So yeah, you can imagine we were poor. <br />
Anyways, my half sister Nikki became an 'exotic dancer' and my half sister Jackie joined the army just to escape. My dad was nice to them though, he liked them a lot more for some reason. (The half brothers and sisters)<br />
My mom was a cheerleader in school and my dad was a football pla<x>yer and I was always kind of rebellious, and didn't get perfect grades and had a lot of enemies in school. THIS is where I became known as the 'devil' and 'evil'. Just because these days girls will hate you for no reason and homework is hard. I was literally grounded the whole school year because of one bad progress report. This is when I started to really hate them.<br />
I couldn't even see my boyfriend at the time, I wasn't allowed to walk around the BLOCK. And this is when the fighting began. I would sit up in my room and my stomach would be in knots because I would here them talking about how much of a failure I am and how much I 'upset this family'. I try to tell them that I'm normal and I have a big heart but they don't care. <br />
I don't even know how many times I've been called 'disrespectful'. It's been years this has been going on, and I often hear my mom talking about me to my grandma, and turning every relative against me.<br />
The most private things I've told my mom, like when I started my period, I was SO embarrassed! I told her not to tell ANYONE and the very next week I heard her telling my grandma on the phone and she told my sisters as well! My littlest sister who's 15 drank a couple times and got caught. She told my mom not to tell anyone at Taylor's birthday party (middle sister) and she told EVERYONE. I absolutely hate them most times and I'm constantly being threatened about leaving, when they know I have no where to go. They don't understand my problems at all. <br />
One day they told me they were buying me a car and I was so happy and thanked them tons. Then the next week they were yelling at me for not having a job to pay for the insurance, when they knew they would have to pay! It's ridiculous here and I'm stuck with no where to go, applying at jobs everywhere I can and getting no call backs. <br />
Today my mom threw boxes at me and said to get out, and when I started to, she immediately wouldn't let me. It's like she wants me to stay here but also wants to threaten me. It's ONLY on the days my dad is home, which is tuesday and wednesday. He works until 7 any other day, which is such a relief! <br />
They gang up on me and my sisters, and my dad was being such a jerk this morning, waking up the whole house and screaming at my little sister to get ready to go get glasses. Then I heard him and my mom laughing and he yelled upstairs 'Nevermind Kelly, go back to sleep. I'm just going to go pick out the most hideous ones I can find.' He's such a JERK.<br />
He told me before I turned 18 that on my 18th birthday he was going to hit me so hard that I would fly across the yard, and that all of my stuff would be thrown outside for me to take with me when I leave. And I said 'Hit me, you'll go to jail' and he said 'Oh, I would definitely go to jail for that, no doubt.'<br />
Well of course this never happened, and I'm still barely living here, under the constant threat of them taking the car away and kicking me out. I have no where to go, I would do anything for a roommate! Trust me all 14 year olds, it will not get better! Unless you succomb their ridiculous rules, you will never find happiness where you're living.<br />
Sometimes they're nice, I will admit. My dad bought me a laptop for my graduation and stuff. But buying me things will never make up for all of the fighting that's happened. I get called everything you guys have: worthless, pathetic, stupid, retarded, idiot, disrespectful, etc. I was almost sent away to boot camp twice, and sent to therapy. For no reason.<br />
My mom is on like 5 different pills and addicted to nicotine and I found my dad's 'adult' collection of movies about 2 years ago, which has scarred me since. By the way, they're rude and loud in bed and my sister has to come sleep with me because it's so loud and gross. I've always stood up to them and I've screamed at both of them before, and they drove me to the point where now I have anger problems and I've contemplated suicide a couple of times. I've even wrote runaway notes to everyone which my mom found. <br />
I hate it here. You're all really good kids and I know that, don't let anything your parents say interfere with who you are! It's too late for me now, and it'd probably take a year of therapy to work out all I've been through (having an abusive boyfriend didn't help either) and I wish you all the best! This isn't even half the story either :(

I never would have thought that this experience story would have gotten so many feedbacks and comments. For everyone who has left a comment and has said that they have felt a lone and have no where to go, it is all not true. You were created to be someone and to do something extraordinary. Whether it is to paint a picture, take care of someone, to love someone, to save a life, to be someone's inspiration, to be a shoulder for someone to cry on, and so on. I've learned from writing this story that I truly am not alone. A lot of people have shared the same or similar experiences that I have. The feelings of neglection, the feelings of hatred towards someone or some people that we were meant to "love" but somehow we couldn't. You're not a lone. Many people in this world have felt all these feelings that you feel. Don't ever hate yourself because someone told you that you were dumb ***, or a worthless piece of ****. Whoever told you that, is the worthless piece of **** and the dumb ***. If someone truly cared about you and loved you, they wouldn't say those things to you. My parents have said a lot of things that I know that I will never ever forget. Even till this day, it almost haunts me in my dream. Sometimes when I see happy families I think about the hard and painful times that I have been through. Then again, a lot of people have gone through such great emotional, physical, and mental pain. We who have been hurt by our "loved ones" are not worthless. WE WHO HAVE BEEN CALLED UNMENTIONABLE UNFORGIVING NAMES WILL LIVE ON AND DREAM ALL THAT WE CAN DREAM AND SHOW THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HURT US THAT WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM. WE WHO HAVE CRIED OUR EYES OUT LONG ENOUGH FROM THE PAIN WILL STAND FOROURSELVES AND STAY STRONG. WE WHO HAVE FELT THAT THERE WAS NO ELSE TO TURN OR TO GO, SHALL FIND A NEW PATH TO START A NEW LIFE AND NEW PEOPLE WHO WILL SURROUND US WITH LOVE. BUT MOST OF ALL, WE WHO HAVE BEEN HURT, WILL NO LONGER BE HURT ANYMORE BECAUSE WE WERE MEANT TO LINGER ON THIS EARTH WITH A MEANING, A SOUL PURPOSE! WE HAVE A SOUL PURPOSE AND A DESTINY TO FULLFILL! NO MATTER THE ROAD BLOCKS AND THE PEOPLE WHO STAND IN OUR WAY FOR THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS SHALL NO LONG STAND IN OUR WAY BECAUSE WE SHALL OVERCOME IT. WE WHO HAVE BEEN HURT WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT THE PAIN ANY LONGER. WE WILL NO LONGER BE HURT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
(this is my pledge, what about yours? will you follow you dreams and not care what others think of you. You were meant to live and do something special. Forget those who stand in your way and make your statment. You know you want to be happy, then you shall be happy. You know who you want to be and where you want to go. Then go and be happy and be who you want to be. pursue your dreams and your destiny)

yeah i agreee with this, my mom is bitter and vindictive and says how smart i am but as soon as i screw up i'm a dumb ***** and she encourages me to take meds to help my low self esteem but i would feel better if she would disappear plus my mom seems as if she's the one who needs meds more than i do so thank god this is my last year of school idk if really want to go to college but considering im a dumb ***** maybe not.

wow..i know how most you of you feel. I always thought i was the only one. I would see moms and daughters out at the store buying stuff together, talking and laughing, and selfishly of course i just think that its not fair. My mom hates me because im not the perfect little daughter she always wanted...she expects me to be perfect and know what to do always...even when i was a little girl she wanted me to clean my room everyday..and keep my stuff organized..(i was ten.) Even to this day..she wont even look at me..if i don't clean the house completely spotless just the way she wants and its never done the way she wants. so she goes and re-does it herself. my own mom wont even talk to me..or say hi to me..or anything. My dad is even worse.. he yells at me all the time and calls me ugly, and worthless and stupid. I remember in my sophomore year when it was time to buy class rings my parents wouldn't buy one for me because they said your stupid..you never going to graduate anyway. so i didn't get one. im in my junior year now..im going to graduate just to prove to them i can. ugh...there is so many horrible things they do i don't have time to write them all out. but i guess i can start with the worst one...i've been locked up in a mental hospital 4 times..!!! My parents put me in there because they say im crazy and i need help. But really, my mom just liked watching me suffer. The 4th time i was locked up..i was in there on thanksgiving and it was the only time out of all the times i was locked up..that she ever visited me. well i was crying and saying how miserable i was..and that i was sick of been told im crazy. or sick or that i need help..and being experimented on with meds..she just laughed and said u deserve it. then she left..me there to rot even longer.i may seem like im just complaining but really im not..you don't even know they pain that goes on behind closed doors. I know im very lucky to have my parents..and a place to live and all that. But its not as it seems. Its much more horrible. you know im really glad they treat my brother good, because i don't want him to go through the torture I've been going through all my life. Although it does irritate me that they treat him like hes perfect, and always buy him stuff and spend time with him. Hes 13, now and they go camping every weekend and im not allowed to go so i just sit here..all weekend doing nothing.also reading all these stories really makes me just wanna cry..because i know how you all feel and theirs nothing i can do to help you. Idk anymore..i just hope that were all strong enough to make it through.

Its all true. My parents are the same. im sick of it. they wont let me even go to a candle light memorial for a girl who commited suicide in my school, only 'because i didnt really know her' n they put me down with their ****** little jokes about not having a gf or anything and not having many friends. well ****, meby i would have more friends if i could ******* do something more in my life, like a normal ******* teenager. im sick of it. meby thats y that girl shot her self, because she was being ****** over every minute of her life by her parents

im 14 and ready to die. my parents just yell and argue. unlike all the comments here about Ur parents yelling at you my parents do the opposite, they dont do anything, at all.<br />
they never talk to me unless its to give me something to do or yell at me. i really need to find a reason to live.

I totally agree. I don't think I could hate my parents more than I do. They always say I'm disrespectful, but you've got to give respect to get respect. But right when I turn 18, they're never going to hear from me again. And everyone says that I need to appreciate them before they're gone, but you just can't with my parents. They're so ******* ... ugh!

i soooooooooo agree with u

I hate my dad because he gives me no privacy harasses me and makes fun of me.My mom is lost in her own world and watches everything and says nothing.The only thing i love my parents for a good,clothes and a home.Thats all.I hate them from the core of my heart.I am 14.I can't wait till I become 18 and i can leave them forever.

i couldent agree more my father has never been there for me and for not long ago my mother stabbed me in the back, its not the first time either. Im turning 18 this May cant wait to leave this country and all of its horrible memories

I've read all the posts and identify a lot with them, here's some of my expieriance, which is HUGE, and impossible to tell it all through here, but anyways; I'm 17, a fashion student in college, and my parents are over-protective, over-controlling, and most of all overbearing. I can't take them anymore, I've grown depressed, been in this state for years, have battled severe anorexia and bulimia as a manner of getting away from it all, my parents to this day, don't trust me, question EVERYTHING i do, my father is an insensitive jerk. He loves verbally abusing me as a way of letting his feelings out on me. My mother is always trying to know what I'm doing, always trying to control me, she doesn't defend me at all from my father when he starts talking **** and making me feel more like **** and all this other stuff. They don't accept me for who I am. They don't let me out of the house at all, I can only like go to the mall and stuff, and have a curfew. they rarely let me sleep over a friend's house, which they even know. They don't trust me with anyone, they get mad a lot of times when I go places, like I think they are jealous of me with other people, having fun and enjoying myself with other people. They see me as someone they don't know, as someone who's strange...I rarely even speak to them, I'm always avoiding them, imagine living in a house where you avoid contact with another person who lives there. I don't tell them my feelings, because I've tried before and it didn't even help. I just can not wait to leave this place, seriously, I turn 18 this year, in november, and I just want to leave and start over new, this isn't living, this isn't happiness. I wish I had understanding parents which I can trust and open up with, BUT since I don't , what can I do? I can only live and FINALLY start living my life. Living A LIFE for that matter.<br />
My father has said some extremely LOW things to me, he's said before that he hates me, he said it clearly, that he HATES ME. he's said that I'll be on my deathbed dieing from AIDS one day, he's said that I'm worthless, that I'm pathetic, that I'm a nobody, That I'm good for nothing. and also, like my parents love depicting an image of "good parents" They always say nice things about me to other people, people even tend to think they're great parents. But they have no idea about the reality. my family members know how it is at my house, if they see my father mistreating me they definitely stand up for me. my parents are embarrassed of me and always try to act as if they aren't my parents if someone they meet doesn't know me. They a lot of times never even mention me. <br />
I don't know, like I don't kill myself over their neglect of me and who I am, if that's how they feel, so be it. I just can't stand the extreme limiting and the overbearing isolation that they force me to go through.<br />
If they would at least leave me at peace and let me be, I'd be better off. I will never see them as parents I could refuge to when I have issues, NEVER. because I don't feel the needed security to be able to even let them in my mind and know my feelings.<br />
they feel as if just because they give me food and a roof over my head that I'm obligated to be exactly the way they want me to, as if i were their puppet. my father has thrown it in my face numerous times, that I'm living under his roof, I have to do **** the way he wants it. <br />
they want me to be the spitting image of their expectations.

Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only one. My friends are always talking about how they go on fishing and camping trips, and if they complain about their 'family nights' I just roll my eyes. What the hell is 'family time'? Yes I know what it actually is. It's just even if you paid my dad $50 to not spend 6 hours at home on his computer looking at random crap that includes half naked people and news that was broadcasted months ago, he would still choose his 'free time.' Just today, he 'taught' me something new in math for 2 minutes and then when I asked a question (I admit, I've asked it before, but I learn very slowly! I really try hard but its just I can't do it..) he slapped my head and yelled that I was a worthless 'stupid idiot' and I had sh*t for brains. I hate my parents sooo much. I dream about doing things to them, like making them suffer for the emotional torture they have put me through. I cry myself to sleep some nights, and I have never remembered a happy ending to a day when my dad is around. If I was given a choice between one of the most obnoxious kids at our school and my parents lives, I would choose that kids. That is how much I hate them. My dad (I hate calling him this because no real 'dad' would treat any son/daughter like this) is a hypocrite who thinks a 'good time' is watching worthless stuff on tv, then coming downstairs to yell at me for not finishing homework in 5 minutes. I hate my mom because she just sits back and lets it all happen, and doesn't give a rat's a$$ about any of it. I wish I could just die sometimes.

Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only one. My friends are always talking about how they go on fishing and camping trips, and if they complain about their 'family nights' I just roll my eyes. What the hell is 'family time'? Yes I know what it actually is. It's just even if you paid my dad $50 to not spend 6 hours at home on his computer looking at random crap that includes half naked people and news that was broadcasted months ago, he would still choose his 'free time.' Just today, he 'taught' me something new in math for 2 minutes and then when I asked a question (I admit, I've asked it before, but I learn very slowly! I really try hard but its just I can't do it..) he slapped my head and yelled that I was a worthless 'stupid idiot' and I had sh*t for brains. I hate my parents sooo much. I dream about doing things to them, like making them suffer for the emotional torture they have put me through. I cry myself to sleep some nights, and I have never remembered a happy ending to a day when my dad is around. If I was given a choice between one of the most obnoxious kids at our school and my parents lives, I would choose that kids. That is how much I hate them. My dad (I hate calling him this because no real 'dad' would treat any son/daughter like this) is a hypocrite who thinks a 'good time' is watching worthless stuff on tv, then coming downstairs to yell at me for not finishing homework in 5 minutes. I hate my mom because she just sits back and lets it all happen, and doesn't give a rat's a$$ about any of it. I wish I could just die sometimes.

Yea, I hate my parents, and I know this isn't just a immature little rage that kids get. This is real hatred for calling my worthless, ugly, a piece of ****, beating me. At least I know that I will never see them again after I go to college, nor will I ever go to their funeral, or come to their help

I feel exactly the same as this. I've got no feelings at all for my dad - he left when I was 15 months old and he was ashamed of me. I'm thankful to my mum for getting me all the food and clothes etc., but I hate her and I'm sick of her, having a go at me all the time, winding me up just so that she can scream at me again. I just want to get away!

Thankyou for this post, i realise im not the only one suffering from these types of parents. I don't know who i am anymore, i don't know why im on this earth. I'm a christian but sometimes things seem so vague and out of reach. Right now i feel like the biggest ****. My parents dont acknowledge my presence, they dont even say hi to me. Some nights i cry myself to sleep dreaming of what it would be like to have real loving parents that acknowledged your intelligence, your talents and who you are as person, not what they want you to be. im 16 and i get given disgusting and depressing phrases like "I'll f--king kill you! I'll break your neck if your not careful!!". "Your not going to get anywhere in life! you can go be a cleaner". Thanks dad, that just made me look at life with such hope and passion. Sometimes i can't take it, its too much for me. At age 12 i got into a state where i was about torun away from home from all the "educational" pressure they put on me. Around 14 years old they trapped me at home, i was about to start cutting. Now im thinking of just leaving home. I hate coming home from school everyday because i know once i step through those doors that are meant to be feelings of warmth and security, mine are of hatred, dread and pain. Can they just try to be loving? I will never want to be like them when im parent.

I can't judge you. But i will say be DAMN lucky you still have your parents. My mom died when i was 14 and you know how many times i have said i have hated my parents? I dearly regret it now. You need to realize what you have because what happens if your parents were to die tommorow?

My perspective is more like i owe them for paying for clothes and food all these years and if I had the money i'd pay them back and leave them, but thats all<br />
even though during the moment they forsake us, we as individuals are alone, there are alot of people out there with the same problem, if we could all band together and solve our problems one by one it would be alot easyer but life dosnt go that way the same with over controllive parents who question every little thing we do(yes alot of people may disagree saying theyre just concerned about you, about where your going and who your with) but theres a limit to how much they care and to how much they're just being nosey and wanting to subconsiously ruin it for you and judge us on it and then choose weather or not were capable of thinking in the first place, let alone moving.<br />
<br />
and for the record Your not a terrible child!, if you feel that way about them, then they have failed as care takers/parents (I see my friends and look at their lifestyle and wonder wow why cant my parents be as understanding as that) ok so no one is perfect and were all human and not everyone can have a nice loveing mother n father like "everyone" else but dose that illusion really even exist? of the perfect family<br />
~story time~This lady I met in colledge had kids, she let them do what they pleased as long as they told her first (just the basics of be safe and dont come home too late and try to come back sober) that was all she asked!, her husband was a nasty man, cheated on her, they got divorced, but she kept telling her kids to go to school and do your work, so they wanted to go with their father who couldnt give a rats behind what they did as long as they didn't get in his way or get sent to jail about it. the kids ran away after living with their dad. the lady still has 3 left to her self but 2 also want to move to their dads, and its natural we all wanna leave them behind some day, but shes "fine"(furious) with it she knows theyre going to have to leave her nest some day, when i asked her advice on how to tell my parents to BACK OFF in the nicest possible way, she said just tell them... ok so the advice wasnt that good<br />
<br />
if I or my friend from high school were to tell her over controllive parents she wanted to become a fashion designer instead of a teacher (for what they see as a noble job) they might disown her. <br />
We can choose our friends but not our family<br />
Yet we could always leave them far Far FAR behind<br />
and make a new family and ensure that we never stray from the image what we never wanted to be.<br />
a cruel parent who beats their child the second they get home just because they were in a foul mood<br />
<br />
sorry i strayed from the topic i dont even remember what my main point was not...<br />
<br />
oh yea our parents control us until were 18<br />
and as much as they try<br />
its illegal for them to force us into something we dont wanna do or wanna be<br />
but getting the funding is difficult<br />
try to share rent with friends?<br />
<br />
someone from outside looking onto the situation<br />
they can see what you have to say and then talk crap and be like whatever<br />
<br />
we know its difficult, stressful, and an emotional time and not in the good way, whenever they say random crap at me outta no where after trying to be nice to them, i just wanna cry, but i dont wanna let them have the sweet taste of HA HA cry B***h<br />
i'd rather get even at them like when they talk crap about people who i've just mentioned when they asked about my friends or something they dont even know them yet they say **** and start teasing me with random crap, if you see their behaviour you'd be wondering if theyre really mid 50's, yet still i want revenge but dunno how though, still cant control the emotions<br />
Feel the rage which are soon consumed by tears

I read your story and I cannot agree more. I love my parents for the same reasons love yours. In fact, I have just got done crying because my parents just called me worthless and said I would never succeed in life. I wish I could run away. Everytime that I think that I am accomplishing something, there is always someone there in my family to bring me down. I have never heard such harsh things in my life except that come from my family. The only good family member I have is my brother. The rest can all go. Everynight I pray to win the lotto so I can buy my own house and disappear.

Im in the same boat!!! My parents keep trying to teach me that life sucks, that one should not pursue their dreams and try and accomplish what they want to do. Every optimistic thought that I have is turned down as me being naieve and stupid. I cried too for the record :(