Hate Them

"Argh, how dare you say you hate your parents!"

Well I do, so I don't care. My mother is a selfish unattentive, uncaring, cold biatch. My father is an unavailable, fake, disgusting loser.

All my life I wished I had other..decent parents.

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5 Responses Nov 9, 2009

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My parents suck, and I'm 30. I have reason to believe that they just burned (ARSON) down my home (building on their property) in a SHADY attempt to vacate me and my girlfriend. They have been doing little hateful things to my girl while I've been away working, and have been leaving nasty notes, gouging me for money, and opening my food and leaving out so BUGS get in to my food, then they come up and say (we are tired of you leaving food out)

When I noticed what appeared to be controlled-burn of my house, and how the bed mattress I just put OUTSIDE the day earlier, my girl noticed the now burned mattress was INSIDE the house burned up, and folded down. It appears as if they burned down my house while controlling the flame with a garden hose, being the vegetation around the house is not even scorched.

My girlfriend and I are now HOMELESS, it's SATURDAY, the burn was TUESDAY, not even a full week and I'm flipping OUT!

I can totally understand you. funny how most bad parents are the same.

Do you still live with them or have you moved out?

me too! I always wondere what I did to be born into an unloving, abusive family.