I wish i had a parent that was tough on me as a kid. My parents let me be spoiled and never were strict. Now as I  m growing older I m supposed to be all of a sudden a honorable child. I hate how they make it seem like its all my fault i dont respect them. Because I was never taught to be like that. Why couldnt they have taught me at a young age! I try to not be rude but they just push my buttons. Like with my mom what ever i do is wrong. I i m quiet than thats wrong. If i say dam that is cursing. I really dislike her. I know it is my fault Im disrespectful but I think it is also my parents fault.


I know i sound mean but i hate my parents. And they raised me so wrong. I wish i had parents who were good at teaching their kid :(

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so don't be an honerable child they didn't need to be strick with you your mom just needs to stop being nit picky <br />
<br />
they are not worth honor if alll they are going to do is pick at you and they don't deserve respect either if thats all they do to you