They Seem To Like Seeing Me Suffer :s

my parents NEVER let me see my friends.. i make arrangements then they say its ok and when im about to walk out the door they start screaming at me and im not allowed to go they ring up my friends and tell them not to call me and they hit me if i give the house number to any of my friends... its ridiculous im on my half term break from school and all they are expecting me to do is study.. during the exams i had to get up at 4 am to study before school and when i cme home i had to study until half 12. they call me horrible names and last week my mum thought i was getting to fat so she wouldn't make me any dinner and my dad made me run laps around the garden for 2 hours... One day i was so sick and i was throwing up and everything and my parents told me i was faking it and made me go to school anyway the school nurse said i had food poisioning and she tried to call my mum but she refused to answer the phone and when i got home she grabbed me by the hair and started screaming at me saying she didnt want me complaining to anyone and that i was deliberatly trying to get her in trouble and i was worthless etc. i hate them so much :@

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

my parents do the same. stop me from seeing friends and talking to them on the phone. i'm not allowed to date either and i'm 24. i hate life. but i wana move out asap. i hope u can move out too?