I Hate What They Do

I would die for my parents. But I won't live for them. They pay for my rent, health insurance, and they let me have a line on their phone plan. Awesome--thanks. But at what cost? They hang the rent over my head and dictate how they think I should live. I wouldn't have a problem with basic restrictions. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, throw parties, sleep around, or any other questionable activities. I am an all around decent person. But......that's not enough for them. They say that if I go to certain movies, or listen to certain music that they will pull my rent!!!!  For the record--I am 21 years old and living almost 700 miles from them. They say that if I continue talking to this certain person, they will pull my phone. They put software on my laptop that logs every move I make--with the benefit that they will pay for internet.  Previously they made a lot of it optional. I could unload the software, and I pay for internet. I want to use a lot of cell minutes--I get my own plan. I was fine with that. But now--they say that if I can take on those responsibilities, then I can take on my rent too!!! I offer to pay for certain things and they say no--I have to pay for it all. I can afford the smaller bills, not the rent. But that doesn't matter to them. They deny it, but it is an issue of control. Little do they know that they have alienated their eldest son. I have given up any emotions for them. I will not associate with them. I am currently seeking a full-time job and schools out West even farther from them. Once I'm gone--I'm gone. They can blame themselves.

iammyown iammyown
18-21, M
Feb 14, 2010