Hate My Parents And Life

My mother has and still does not want children. She had me as a teenager and really only kept me because my grandmother made her. Now my life is hell. She acts like she is doing amazing things for me when she is really not. I got a stepfather who is a ******* idiot and never does right by me. The greatest thing happened though when we moved out of the house with him. Now he is coming back around and they are reconciling. He always calls me names and says all kinds of stuff to me that is degrading and insulting. I just don't like him at all he is mean and just cold hearted. My mother never sticks up for me and i believe that even if he raped me she would support him. I can't believe she put him over me. I really hate her because she makes my life hell every single day. I really hate my life in general its just bad. I consider suicide but everytime i try it never works out. UGH I HATE LIFE

icebarbie icebarbie
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2010