I Hate Life

sometimes i wish i could die or i was never born or even i wonder why did i come to ths miserable  world. urghhhhhhhhhhh i just feel angry and that i wanna just damage every thing around and then i start to cry >>> how sad is that. my mum always keep on treating me like a kid she wants to control every thing, she even controls my dads opinion. she keeps on calling me bad words like i am only a thing. she alaways tells me or scream at me in front of people she make me feel bad, she hits me or tell me that she will kill me>> uhhhhhhhhh i just hate this life. omg i feel stupid

anger123 anger123
13-15, F
3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

have similar fate... if i can be of any help do write to me

my parents r extremely controlling too. just do ur best to get the hell out. however it may be.

Hang in there girl. I was abused as a teenager. If I could give you any advice it would be to get help. You can call the local DHFs. Tell someone your story. At least they can get you in a foster home or something. It gets worse for you the longer it goes on. I am in my late twenties and am still suffering from it. You have something to offer so don't let them put you down.