They Really **** Me Off

before i write this i want to say this has nothing to do with my awsome cyber mommy clare


anyway my parents for what ever reason seem to think that my arguments are ALWAYS wrong. the second i start to say my opinion as to what i think would be a good idea im yelled at. they think that just becuase i am a "teenager" and that im bisexual(yes i said it) that every thing i say is wrong and theres not point in listning to anything i have to say. they are pretty much stuck on that fact that they are always right and always will be and i am always wrong and never will be right if im arguing with them. even if im sideing on there side of the argument. like when they are talking about politics they still think im wrong and tell me to stay out of it becuase i dont know any better. i find it sad that the person im arguing agiast acttuly has to stick up for me and say i do infact know alot of what im talking about. the only thing they seem to do any more in my life is argue. i cant remeber the last time i had a clam conversation with them! they are also beging to confuse me. i am a very good actor and they want me to try out for a play. but they are saying school comes first and the play will interupt that. basicly they are trying to say i should and shouldnt try out for the play at the same time! they are sending me down gulit trips for both ways. they are saying i would not be giving enough efforet to my dream if i dont try out. but then they are saying if i screw it up and dont try hard enough in school i will be runing my life. i am SO cunfused! i am starting to do what ever i can to avoid talking to them becuase every time i do its alomst certin we will argue. what should i do!?!?!?

LelouchZero LelouchZero
18-21, T
Mar 3, 2010