I used to be so close with my parents

they were like the best people in the world to me

and then my sister was born

each year me and my parents grew further apart

my parents began to pay less and less attention to me

I dont blame my sister for this

but I dont like my sister either

I pretty much dont like my immediate family (Mother, Father, and my Sister)

My parents put me under this constant pressure

they think Im this perfect person

who cant eff up or it might make them look bad

and when I do eff up

they do their very best to make sure it doesnt get to the rest of my family or their friends

Im hardly allowed anyway

and for me home is like a living hell so

half the time Im going through depression

My mother is a cold hearted *****

and my father is a effing *******

and my sister well she's 7 so Im not going to go calling her a b***h

but shes very annoying

alot of the time

i think of running away

in fact many times ive been dead serious and had my bag packed

and then the thought runs through my mind

its late at night, cold, i have no money on me, and where the eff will i go?

My boyfriends house? No thats too damn obvious, My bestfriends? Thats obvious too.

My parents know the location of all close friends houses...


what would happen when i get home?

i dont think they'd be all, "im glad your home."

i think they'd be like, "Your grounded."

well hell, i ran away because i need to get away from you or im going into a serious state of depression again...

like ****, some parents are so damn understanding

i wish i had parents like that.

CrazyChicky123 CrazyChicky123
13-15, F
Mar 5, 2010