I Hate My Parents

I hate both of my parents. My  father hates black people,even though hes part black. When he married my mother he knew she already had a son,who is half black. He hated my brother and verbally attacked him for many years since he was young,my mother did nothing. My father taught my little sister and I to believe that black people were bad,which I did for many years but I don't anymore. My father is never ever home. Is resides in Florida. I live in New York. 3 years ago I decided I want nothing to do with him. When my brother came back from jail(for drug possession charges) all grown up and buff he made my father leave.

    Now I want my brother to leave. He is 19,turning 20 this year. He never finished high school,and all he does all day is smoke,drink  and eat with his friends in my apartment. He does NOTHING. My mother doesn't care. She works 9am-10pm and leaves her two daughters 14 and 16 home alone with a thug and his friends. She gives him money for weed and vodka,but I can get a laptop for school?

Oh and thanks dad for not supporting me at all financially all these years.

And why did my mom even have kids in the first place!we are on welfare and live in a small crappy apartment!


My mom leaves my sister and I(14 years &16 years)home alone from 9am to 10pm alone with 4-5 thugs everyday. She lets my brother blast stupid Lil Wayne at 2 am while I'm trying to sleep.



Two weeks ago she did NOTHING when he took my tv and smashed it into my radiator in front of my sister and I,she did NOTHING but clean it up.



And now hes screaming at her on the phone. He wants a large portion of her tax refund check. I know she will give it to him.




I cant wait till im 18. I'm moving out as fast as I can.



(this was poorly written:P)


ThievesAmongUs ThievesAmongUs
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010