It's Can Never Change Your Past.

~ But what you can do, is CHANGE the way you LOOK at it. You can start to see the AMAZING person you are. You can REMEMBER that if nothing else, you SURVIVED it, & that alone makes you a STRONG, & BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! You just have to keep hangin' in there til it finally starts to show. You are gorgeous, funny, sweet, loving, & beautiful. You deserve every happiness in this world, no matter what. ~

~ The past is...well, the past. Heehee! Change how you look at it honey, & it will cease to have control. Move past it & believe that only good things will come. That no matter what the future holds - You'll get through it, because you are strong. ~

For every person here who has felt this way. I am one. This is the way to go. Believe that you've had enough bad, that you survived, the only way is up now. Dream big, & Love long.... Any thing is possible, you only have to believe!!

Blessings My Loveys.....xxoo

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Mar 14, 2009