Sometimes Its Not Worth It

Lying in the dark looking at nothing closing your eyes and seeing the demons coming ever closer teasing and flitting around you. 'Remember' they say mockingly - 'never forget'. Turning over trying to think of something, anything...

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5 Responses Sep 10, 2011

life is composition of good and bad memories.

I think they will never go away - its really a matter of learning to live with them. Yes I live my life now for me - days as well as nights can be tough, but there is also the happy moments to embrace!!

My past is horrible. Miserable. I moved away to forget. But the demons have fun tormenting me, too. <br />
<br />
God Loves Us. What else matters. <br />
<br />
I live my life NOW the way I want to live it.

I personally think if you have learned from the things your trying to forget then you have grown as a person and so earned the right to move on. I wish you luck.

Try to live in the now.