Ya...i Did Sum Pretty Mest Up ...

ya...i did sum pretty mest up stuff when i was younger.i used to be a big bully in school.i regret everything because it made people hard to trust me....
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5 Responses Mar 31, 2007

well glad u see ur error.....but u know how bad u make ppl feel?probably alot of harm still being caused by haunting memories....that haunt people like me for years and years after bullying.....and for as long as it haunts ur victims...i hope it haunts u toooo!

You're wanting to change sooner than later. At least your hole isn't too deep to get out of yet.

Well your still quite young, good that you realize this now then later on in life and it may be too late. *smiles*

never too late to change

Glad to see you that you realized your past mistakes. I too used to be with the IN crowd in school. I used to make fun and pick at people that were different. But, now I have a very open mind. I dont let anyone influence me anymore!