I Hate That Our Pasts Can Determine Our Futurs

I have done alot in my past to not be so proud of.  I know i am not alone inthis , the thing i hate most though is the fact that in our pasts, we were different people and not really as "GROWN" as we thought we were.  So today I do things differently and i think before i act.  That is all good but does not change what my record says i have done, and not even that, people in the past tend to remember the worst things about you and make it hard for you to move on get over and move through the past.  i try to stay away from those people , of course when they are in your own family it is almost impossible.  Anyway what they dont understand is that i am a new person, that old personis gone and in no way should have anything to do with me in the now.  Unfortunatly jobs stir up you r past too.  That really sucks for people who honestly are trying to do good for themselves and cant get a step up because they screwed up as a young adult .  it is sad that you are not interviewed and given a job, without having to spill the beans on your past or in most cases your past being on a piece of paper right in front of you .
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Wow, four years ago. Anyway, well said. I hope you are still thriving. You gave me a chuckle tonight, my first chuckle in a while. Ha, life is grand. Hang in there.

Take heart. I have a, hmmmm lets say more than colorful past which has been, hmmmmmmmmm lets say well documented. Looking for a job really brings up the regret and lets face it, the shame associated with those actions. Yesterday I was offered a wonderful job in a "facility" which deals with behavioral health issues. In short, they could give a hoot about my past and see it as an asset to the current emploment situation. HA, ain't life grand. Hang in there :)

Everyone has had their troubles that they wish they didn't do but all you can do now is look forward and forget the past.