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I duno what to think of my past anymore. While my high school years, I remembered terrible memories of primary school. It was all about the kids my age and the *#@!! teachers who made me feel worse! I hated primary school, and because of it, I thought I hated my life.
What I find sad is that my dad showed me a picture of me when I was small, and I was so very happy at home. I don't recall these memories. If fact, I don't even recognise myself. Now that I am completely confused, I feel I should just move on and do what my idol once phrased, " Never look back". This has actually helped me move one, and for a while I did think that my memories of my hated past kept returning, but lately I find myself in some kind of denial. I mean, I now feel that those memories that I dwelled on for so many years are insignificant and not worth any more recollection. I truely am happier.
And I wrong to think this?
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18-21, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

The fact that it does not bother us today is what matters. I try to not look back and it helps to forgive & forget.

Sorry to hear . . . im sure you,ll eventually get over it.