Had Nightmare Of Reality.

I hate my family but i mostly hate my life

my life up till now has been a nightmare, everyone always thinks im always happy and nothing wrong happens to me. they sure are wrong from a young age ive ive had to grow and be an adult. So here is my sappy life story but i feel that i need to share it. when i was young in my toddler years i remmember quite a bit how my family would take a vacations and how i would stay home with my mom and that we were happy a time where only things could get better i was wrong. My father was a ceo of an upcoming insurance company and my mom was a stay at home mom. i will never forget those sundays where i would be the first one up watch cartoons my dad would come down stairs make his famous breakfast then my sister who would watch cartoons with me then my mom who would get the newpaper and we will watch cartoons till spongebob came on turn off the tv and sit down tto breakfast as a family, i miss those times. i know this is sounding like a good like and at first it was i was i was really happy then in the beginning of first grade is when it all began. My mom, me, and my sister were coming home from the grocery store as i was helping my mom unload the grocerys as my mom got the mail i hear this sound in the backgroung i turn around and i see two men one holding a microphone another with a CAMERA. Apparently they were tv news reporters and there was somthing going on with my dad. My mom sent them away and had me and my sister go inside we were upstairs hereing my mom call our dad screaming at him for something. After making calls my mom got off the phone and told us to pack were going to my grandparents. Finailly my dad came home i was happy to see him as young as i was i didnt understand what was going on. I said good bye to my dad and left for my grandparents we stayed there for awhile but we eventually went back home cause we had school. But i didnt see my dad for a long time then my mom sat us down and told us that our dad was coming over for breakfast but will not be staying. She then told us somthing a kid never wants to hear there parents say, they were getting a DIVORSE. But i found out later what was going on that apparently my father was being blamed for taking peoples money and he was being tried in court for fraud. Alos that sence my mom was married to him she was being blamed as well and if my dad was convicted so would my mom and we would lose all our money the only way out was they had to get a divorse and my mom would get the house most of the money and get full custody of me and my sister. So me and my sister got to see him once a week for a couple hours sometimes we would stay the weekend with him but that was it. My mom had to get a job and me and my sister came home alone having to watch eachother. This life continued till 4th grade that was a bad year but also a good one cause i had a really good teacher. My mom quit her job and was training to be in realistate. My sister was in middle school and got home before me. So i came home one day to find my sister and my niehbor waiting for me i greet them and start walking home. My sister and jake were acting weird so i stop and ask them whats going on my sis said that my mom had a anurisum and was in the hospital. I got lucky she lived she only had a 5% of making it. But the part of her brain that was damaged was her personailty so she chaanged alot she was no longer the mom ive known but she that was the only thing that came out of it but i still remmber how she was before and miss her and wish she was back. But the trial with my dad was still going on but coming to a close by january that year they reached a verdict my dad was convicted of fraud and outher felonys and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. By the time he gets out i will be graduating high school he left on february 16th my birthday is february 18 he left two days before my bd. I will never forget the last time i saw him. Next year was hard i had no friends i was alone my aunt who we depended on sadly somethig similar happend with like my mom but she had a brain tumor at stage four cancer. Shes still around and is fighting but when they expect for her to go my cuz aj will be 16 she has 3 kids he is the youngest. middle school was hard especially without a dad but luckily i found a friend thanks to the counciler i made alot more friends but throughout middle school i was made fun of and bullied kids would throw food at me at lunch or hit me. I feel sorry for my sister she was older than me going throught her high school years without a dad sadly she looked to boyfriends as a male figure and met pretty bad guys who hurt her. My mom and her would get into fights everyday would sneak out and got into really bad fights with my mom. She tried many times to kill herself where i got her out of a made sure she was alright. I ended up having to watch her after school. I will never forget when my mom was holding her down with a knife in her hand anf me trying to pry it out of her hand. The next day we tried to get her admited but luckily there was no room. It got btter in 8th grade i had i group of best friends and good teachers but the best thing that happen was my dad got parole and got out that was th happiest day of my life. It was hard in a way because i was used to him not being there so having him back in my life was an adjustment. Hes now engaged to a lady who has cancer and treats him bad but has a good job is going back to school to get his masters and makes a good income but i only see him on sundays every 2 weeks because of the woman he is with sence he is a good man he wouldnt leave her cause shes sick. My mom is fine but she is a different person and is dating a jerk who treats me like crap but she does not notice. In late junior year my best friend of all time had a brother who i say alot i was close with her family she was like a sister to me but she walked into his room oneday to find her younger brother hanging from the ceiling i went to my first funeral that year to say goodbye. That summer i changed literally i had to have sugery on my chaw because it was not set right it was oain and suffering but i pulled through and heeled as they broke both my jaws and reset them i looked totally different and people were nicer to me to but was it because i looked better? Here i am in my senior year im 17 years old i still cant believe it i have 4 best friends who i can talk to always at most times i see my dad rarly and my mom is still seeing her jerky bf but my sis found true love llives on her own and is engaged. I still wish i had my mom before she got sick i wish i had a normal childhood i wish i could have not grown up so quick i wish my dad never went to prison but thats life there nothing i can do but decide how im going to live it. Even though my family sucks i had a troubled past even if it shaped me to who i am today it will never effect the fact that i will never let it be an excuse to be a bad person i will always try to do the right thing. And if those reading happen to know who my father is and what happened i would like to appoligize he was blamed and never intended to hurt anyone. And even though alot of people think my mom had somthing to do with it she was inncocent and is an amazing woman who went through that and raised two kids on her own. I hope that i can get past what has happened that it will not haunt me. I hope i can go to a good college get an amazing job see the world travel fall in love get married and have children of my own. For those going through a hard time dont give up or lose hope continue to look forward and remember to be a good person dont give in to peer pressure that will lead you down a dark road, keep fighting strong:). I know i have more trails to face and even if this is a nightmare i wouldnt stop fighting till i turn this nightmare into a beautiful dream that is my mission and wont stop till it happens.
sunnygirlwinx12 sunnygirlwinx12
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2012