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~ I Was Raped By My Uncle ~

When I was in the 7th grade my uncle ( my dad's brother ) moved in with us , it was great at first , but one day I came home from school and my uncle was the only one there , he asked me to come to his bedroom he wanted to show me something , he told me to sit on his bed  so I did , and that's when my nightmare started , he put his hand on my leg and started moving it up slowly , I told him to stop that I didn't want him to touch me there , but he told me No that if I would just relax I would like the way it felt , I tried to leave the room but he through me back down on the bed and took my cloths off and then he raped me , when my mom and dad came home I told my mom what happend , and I was shocked when she told me not to say anything to anyone about it , my mom told me that if my dad found out he would not be happy or love me anymore , I was daddy's little girl so I could not let him find out , my dad was blind so it was easy to keep things from him , so everyday for about 2 weeks when I would come home from school it was the same thing over and over , and then one day my prayers was answered , my uncle told us he was moving out and going to another state , but the day he was moving I saw him and my mom kissing , the next day I asked my mom why she let him do that to me , and she said because I love him , so I grew up thinking that no matter what you are going through or how bad it is you will do whatever it takes to make the one you love happy , for years I could not feel the love that I should be feeling for my mom , but I did forgive her in 2000 when she was on her death bed , and I told her for the first time since that awful day that I loved her , I'm 38 now and I'm trying so hard to over come what my uncle did to me , I am hoping that someday I will put all of this behind me , and maybe then my life will be okay again .

                            ~ Beautiful Disaster ~



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i would do anything to be able to take those memories away

A male friend of my mom and aunt ask them to let him take me to school every morning and pick me up at the classroom door every evening. he was our chauffer, drove a fully loaded 1964 coupe d'ville or a fleetwood, it had huge back seats, they was thick. the chauffer would pull me close, whiper something in my ear, kiss me, and hold me tight while i cry. then he would start to play with the hem on my skirt. he said let me help you to relax. all the seats in his car moved up and down, and back and forth. he had a vibrator. the vibratator felt relly good buzzing to my girl parts. i told him it makes me wanna tee tee. then he stuck his finger over the opening and rubbed my little girl parts until i passed out and wet my self in his hand. my mom beat me when i got home for being late. being wet, and lying on my chauffeur. so i ended up dropping out of school at age 11. i went and bought a nurse uniform and started taking classes in one of the teaching hospitals. i made me an i.d. and a diploma. worked in nursing for forty years.
married in my thirties. had back to back miscarriages. husband left me because i hate sex with men and i dont have any women friends. i only like to be cuddled and felt up by men. the penis hurts to bad to put it inside my vajaja...especially when my husband humps, and i vomit when he releases his seed. the sight of thick,slimy hot stinking ***** - makes me weak in the knees and makes me dry heave and vomit for as long as i know it is in the room. when i am alone i play with my button, rub my breasts, move my hips, and let the pee and the soft girly-girly juice roll out on the pet pads and expensive towels. i do this twice a day. sometimes i just wear a pullup and pee at work while rubbing my button with my thighs.
both hands are in plain sight. i breath through it deeply and pee so warm and softly.
I think if i had never been raped by my chaufer, i would have ended up with not exploring this deeper and softer sex with my spirit and me. i am nor ******* my self, because i am not alone when i play. sometimes when i starts getting really good - i pray in tongues and sing to God for this freedom. There is nothing in Gods word against ************ by yourself.
there are only three types of girls in this world 1) girls who do. 2) girls who lie about doing it. and 3) girls who have participated in female circumcisum and got their bits cut out.
they have to do a two ended bong - but it is fun. just make sure you are doing sex with a person who is over 18years old, who is not retarded or special needs. use common sense.
it it hurts - quit immediately. listen to your girlfriend's body. love her body. respect her body.
wish i could meet a clean, fine man, who only wanted to play in the sailboat with his tongue, and knock on my door with his baton, massage my breasts, and passionately kiss all night.
he could held me all night and all day. i would play with his baton to bring him to making it drain. guess i like to see the water come out, but not that snot looking stuff. eeeew.

Stay strong.

god bless you

Hi, dont have a lot of words to say to you...just that I will hope and pray that you are able to put this behind you and make this life beautiful for yourself and your boys...take care :)

I'm sorry! It pains me to hear what you went through. I know that you will see brighter days. As long as your mind is in line with your heart, you can live the life you want to.

i am very sorry try conselling it helped me and im 13

I'm so sorry... I don't even know wwhat to say...

Thank you

That is SO sad. No offense, but your mom was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hugs* im so sorry this happened to you. My uncle abused me but i was more fortunate.. my mum, despite loving him, wanted to see him punished and loved me more. I hope you are able to overcome this.! My love, Luna xXx

poor little girl with no one to defend, I feel sorry for you and I wish you whispered that to your dad. I love you.

I so sorry for you :)

I was raped by my uncle too :(

do you know I have the same problem :(

do you know I have the same problem :(

I know where you are coming from. I too was raped by my uncle. Unlike you i seem to have repressed most of the actual experience. My uncle lived with us so this went on for almost a year.<br />
I still find my self reacting to certain experiences in ways i don't understand but get a feeling it's a defensive action due to that experience.

I know where you are coming from. I too was raped by my uncle. Unlike you i seem to have repressed most of the actual experience. My uncle lived with us so this went on for almost a year.<br />
I still find my self reacting to certain experiences in ways i don't understand but get a feeling it's a defensive action due to that experience.

HI think he is going to hell.

I can sympathize with the young lady who wrote this story but i was also abused by my dad i tried to get help but my parent's told there lawyer i lied. now why in god's name would a 12 year old kid lie about something like that. my dad did it again when i was 17 both times my story never changed<br />
everyday i try to put it behind me its easier said then done. i wish i could go back and change it but i cant. All i can do now is keep goin forward . my dad i will never forgive him but my mom i will always love her no matter what even though she is just as guilty as my dad for leaving me alone with him while she was gone.

i was a foster child beatings etc looked for family molested at 12 used a runaway i saw a movie called what the bleep do we know? it set off self discovery seeking im 53 see what the bleep store .com know yourself its a huge universe seek and you will find and the servant will become your master

your mother should have been ashamed

1st - Don't hurry a loot of people have that tragic Past, and you cant absolutely let it change stuff in present, just think, it hapened, now it will never hapend again, you are grown up, and you are safe, now you need to focus on yourself and your life, and forget it, it will be inposible, eatch day you ear a News on TV about that, you will remenber again, i assure you that, and you probably already know, but Focus Present and Future, and all will be fine.<br />
<br />
2nd - Your mom was not CLose to be a real mom, if she made that to you... she is not even worth to call you her Daughter, and if she is still alive, if i was on your place i ould NEVER forgive her, Never.<br />
a mother stands By her child, always.<br />
And if He is still alive, i ould Ruin his life, i ould find him, and make him pay on jail, and then i ould be like, "Bayback is a *****"<br />
<br />
Focus Present, Kill past and Embrace Future

see a movie called what the bleep do we know? at at know who you are learn what makes you tick dont get caught up in everyday struggles

I would like to share something here as I've too gone through similar case like you.....To forget about this, what I did was, I tried my best to not think about it because it always been a nightmare for me whenever I came across of it.. For yrs I made myself nt to thk abt it n nw 7yrs plus its nt in my mind bt do smtms thks of it wen smtg reminds me of tat....i pray for you so that you always cn overcm it n live a happy life....take care n im so sorry for you,,,,,,,,,,,,

Many people admire your strong personality. Indeed you're a person worth of that. Never give up. Pray always. God loves you. You have a forgiving heart. Don't let eveil things bring you down. Continue to be strong. Please just try God's love. Pray to him. It's never too late for anything. I'm sure you could handle it. You're someone who's worth of respect and admire. God Bless always.

It good that you forgave your mother, because you needed to do that for yourself. Anger eats away at you and harms you if can't be forgiving. The scars will be there for life, but it seems as if you've learned to be a survivor rather than continuing to be a victim.

WOW...sacrifice one or two children for a meal ticket??? WTH is wrong with that way of thinking...I'd rather be begging on the streets and have the rotten sicko put in jail for life then worry about our next meal.

hey if u need someone to talk to iam here my facebook name is thomas t hall i have a pic of mr. hanky the x-miss **** lol but if u mail me ill tell u what happened to me

omg, that is a very horrible story to have read. You may have loved your mother, but for what she did? Omg, you don't have to forgive me for saying this, because I mean it when I say: I hope she has the most treacherous and disastrous afterlife. smh...I feel bad for you.

straight up<br />
thats is disgusting of your uncle<br />
and who cares what your mom said<br />
you should of reported him to the police or to a counsler<br />
im sorry but even when this has never happened to me, it gets me frustrated when other are hurting and when these things happen<br />
your uncle would have deserved to be in jail<br />
you were so little and being forced to do something, that is sick<br />
so well i hope you now know that those things need to be reported.<br />
your mom was wrong too because what kind of mom allows an old family member to sexually rape you...<br />
i hope everything is better<br />
i really hope god helps your family for acting this way