The Worst Time To Start Your Period

okay i was 12 and i was sitting in science class and i wasnt sure what this pain was but i was having cramps and my teacher was a guy. so i wasnt sure that was happening so i asked to go to the nurse and he asked why and i told him i didnt feel well and he let me go so i went and layed down and i had no blood in my underwear at all that day. i never did tell my mom about the pain i just thought it would go away the next day... umm no way they got worse!

so the next day we had a feild trip to indiana beach( for people who dont know what this is its a park with rollor coasters)(o and it was the same teacher all day longthere where no girls around!). and we had just got there and i had felt like i wet my pants so i asked if i could go to the bathroom and i found ALOT of blood and it was ALOT it went through my pants and i was wearing white pants. i did have a sweater to tie around my waist, so i did that and i put tissue paper in my underwear. then i had to keep going to the bathroom and he asked me why i had to use the bathroom so much and i told him that i was drinking to much and then he told me that it was going to be the last time around 2 and we werent leaving till 5. but anyway so i had to tell him and he kinda looked at me funny. and he went into shock and i said it again. "I started my first period and i have nothing with me"  then he said "WOW, and your telling me this because..." and i said because i need help and then he gave me 25 cents and i took it in the bathroom an got a pad and he spent probably 3 dallors on me cause my flow was so heavy. so even if your with a male dont be afriad to tell then cause most likly they have been told that before. it may be embarissing but its okay they will understand!

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I must say, your story cracked me up! I do think your teacher could've handled it better though, than saying "your telling me this because..." lol. He could've tried to be a bit more understanding. Still though, must have taken a lot of courage. When I got mine, I was luckily at home lol! And I'd be afraid to tell a guy! I gotta hand it to you, ya make it look easy!