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Women don't always have the same opinions but this is the one thing, what ever our beliefs, we are all in agreement of. Where is the group "I'm so happy because I just got my period and it is so much fun" group? I actually wish it existed because I would be over there looking for tips!
This last month I've had a week of feeling crappy, tired, grouchy and my boobs have felt like they have rocks in them. My husband goes to touch me and I'm saying "please don't, they are really tender" He tries to understand but I know he doesn't cause he just gives me this blank expression and rolls the other way. I actually wanted my period to start because I know it's the only way I'm going to get a break from this.
I'm not sure which is worse being premenstrual or actually having your period? I've come to the conclusion that there isn't much to choose between either. I finally have blood now so the pain in my boobs has moved on to horrible cramps in my stomach and back. Only five more days and I will start to feel normal again! As I'm sitting writing this, I have a "Mr Bump" hot water bottle on my lap, joy for Mr bump because it's the closest any man is going to get to me at the moment. I've also taken two Ibuprofen and two Paracetamol. I don't even know if that's safe but I am in so much pain, I really don't care. I am certainly qualified to say "I hate my Period", anyway! Take care everyone, hope you feel better soon. X
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For the past month I've been taking Vit B6. I think it definitely made me calmer and less moody and I didn't get as much pain but it might be because I've been swimming and walking a lot too, so probably the additional exercise helped in some way. I'm going to keep taking these vitamins and see what happens. I'll look out for the book you suggested if it's available in the uk, although I've just accepted a foster placement for a two week old premature baby boy so I think I'll have my hands full for a while, not to mention sleepless nights! I'm not sure how much time for reading there will be, lol :o)

"Do not take black cohosh if you could be pregnant; black cohosh can increase the chance of a miscarriage. "--lef.org<br />
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You have probably been recommended against krill oil because of the blood-thinning effect of ibuprofen and aspirin. I reiterate for every aspect of your health you and everybody else need to be taking EPA and DHA. If I could only take 2 supplements I would take a multi-vitamin and fish oil. If I could only take one supplement I would take fish oil. I urge you to look into alternative pain killers. I use effectively against headaches white willow bark and DLPA. DLPA is said to be as strong as morphine against pain. There will be more if you search the sites I gave you with "pain."<br />
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Let's go to the root of the problem. The health book I hold in highest regard is The Omega RX Zone by Barry Sears. On p. 182, Sears says PMS seems to be related to a deficiency in the bodily synthesis of gamma linloenic acid, GLA. He suggests the insulin-controlling of the Zone Diet , high dose fish oil, and supplementation of 40 mg of GLA per week. He says too much GLA can make PMS worse and specifically recommends against going over 40 mg/week. 40 mg corresponds to one capsule per week of evening primrose oil, aroserises' remedy. Aware of its importance, I take GLA to cover all my health bases as well. But because I don't like the large amount in evening primrose and borage oils of linoleic acid, a pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acid, I take one tablet a day of Earthrise Spirulina, which is standardized to have 5 mg of GLA. Spirulina I think has a better reputation for broad-based health benefits than evening primrose and borage oils. So do look seriously into GLA.<br />
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I urge you to get this book at your library or on half.com. He does also address infertility and miscarriage prevention. Maybe googlebooks or amazon.com could give you a useful peak.

I haven't tried evening primrose oil. Trouble is I really want a quick fix when it comes to pain, I will put up with a certain amount, say if it's just a head ache, I will sit down, close my eyes and rub my temples until it goes and I won't take a tablet.<br />
When I have monthly cramps it's a different story. It feels like someone is doing macrame with my bits and I get shooting pains like knives stabbing me from inside. I had a scan once and the gynocologist said I have "mild" endometriosis but that it wasn't causing my problems.<br />
I know you will probably say I should go back, they see thousands of women etc ect.....but I really don't like getting poked by doctors, so anything (within reason) that will help me to avoid the white coat brigade, I'm interested in learning more and will maybe give it a go.<br />
I believe God gave us the ability and the resources to heal our own bodies in most cases. I think my relief is out there, I just have to find it. I already use lavender and clary-sage oil in my bath but maybe something stronger would help.

If I were you I would get off Ibuprofen and aspirin. I only use a few Ibuprofens a week at most. My late father was a renowned pharmacology professor at one of the leading pharmacy schools. From him I heard that NSAIDs are implicated in destruction of cartilage, and I have heard corroboration of that from several sources. Who wants painful knees? Tell me what you use them for and I can probably recommend a good natural alternative.<br />
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Vitamin B6 is very good. The best form available is called P5P. It is recommended that when one takes a single B vitamin therapeutically that one also take the B-complex to avoid imbalances. You can get that in a "high potency" multivitamin. I would want it to have at least 25 mg each of B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. More would be better.<br />
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I'll be posting a story when I can get around to it about a product for PMS I happened across.

Thanks for the info. Had a quick look at the whole health site, I like it because you can do individual searches via the site. The krill oil appears to interact with Ibruprofen and Asprin but I found that Vitamin B6 may be a good choice.<br />
The nutrient appears to help by assisting the liver in its effort to wash excess estrogen from the body. In addition, B6 raises levels of the Hormone progesterone and assists in the manufacture of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enhances mood. They recommend that you take l00 mg twice a day during the week before you get your period.<br />
I also found something called Chasteberry which is supposed to regulate hormones. They recommend combining 500mg of this with the vitamin B6. A bonus is that it is said to have had some effects in promoting fertility too.<br />
I'm going to do a bit more research on both of these before I decide if I'm going to take them or not, especially the Chasteberry because I haven't heard of that before.

I sympathize with you and as well with your husband--no touch the breasts time!<br />
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I don't think you have to resign yourself to this. I have read a lot about supplements that balance women's hormones. The other day I glanced at a reference of this sort to blue cohosh, or maybe black cohosh. <br />
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I have read that krill oil is very good for PMS. Krill oil is a good bit more expensive than the better known source of the Omega 3s EPA and DHA. Whether fish oil would work as well I don't know. Krill oil is different; it has phospholipids, astaxanthin, and vitamins. But everybody really needs to be taking EPA/DHA. Flax oil won't do.<br />
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Here are some sites for you to bookmark so you can do your research on this.<br />
http://www.wholehealthmd.com/ME2/Default.asp<br />
http://www.vitacost.com/Science--a good vitamin retailer site hosting Healthnotes, which appear in a number of places.<br />
<br />
The best health website in my view : http://www.lef.org/<br />
<br />
My favorite supplement retailer with the best prices and huge selection : <br />
http://www.swansonvitamins.com/health-library/<br />
Also has Healthnotes, but not as easy to use. Has good amount of other health info on the site.<br />
<br />
Let us know what you find out and how it goes for you.

I totally understand how you feel -- I mean I think all women do! I think you should NOT mix ibuprofen and Paracetamol because one causes you to bleed more (ibuprofen), which thins the blood while Paracetamol does the opposite. I'd stick to Paracetamol (which is the equivalent to acetaminophen as in Tylenol for U.S readers). I use a heating pad and if I have to go out or travel (as on a plane for 8 hours for example), I take those heat pads which you stick on your lower abdomen (below your belly button). That really helps to ease the cramps. Ultimately, no matter what I try to feel better or less bloated, the answer is still the same: I HATE MY PERIOD !