Why Nature Why??

Damn you nature! Why must us girls suffer?

Ugh, I hate it soo freaking much, the pains, the mood swings, if I wanted to look and feel like a bloody gargoyle for 7 days, each month, i'd make it happen myself!
I hate that I feel like little people are inside me stabbing my insides with pitchforks, I hate that my pains are so bad, I am forced to sit in one spot all week moaning and groaning.
And for what? Most girls start their period around 10 years old, sometimes a little earlier, sometime a little later. We don't freaking want babies at that age so why give us a choice?

Ugh, I hate it, hate it, hate it!
I hate using tampons cause they actually DO fall out, I hate using pads cause they have a bad habit of sticking to ME instead of my underwear.
I hate looking at the sky and telling the Gods "Take the uterus back! I don't want it anymore! Its not worth it!!!"

UGH!   Ok....my rant is over now....ugh!   
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I've said similar things... I would donate my ovaries to some poor woman who can't have kids because I don't want them!

With my period problems I have been tempted to save enough money to just pay out of pocket to have mine removed entirely.

"Take the uterus back! I don't want it anymore! Its not worth it!!!"<br />
<br />
<br />
might be the best line ever deary

Your ranting was so funny but also very true ! I hate mine too but what can we do? They do not get better or less messy or less painful . . . I could go on but for what? Sometimes I envy men because they do not have to go through this every 28 days (on average), while we do with all its emotional, physical and physiological manifestations the menses imply. I HATE IT. I"VE ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL . . . at least until it stops completely. Then, I WILL CELEBRATE MY FREEDOM !

"Take the uterus back! I don't want it anymore!" Hahahaha! Oh man, now thats funny!<br />
I have to agree though, with everything you said.