Missed Period For Three Months Having Heavy Bleeding For 4 Weeks Now. Anyone With Similar Experience And Advice?

From April till June my period didn't come, I sometimes felt cramps but had no blood or spotting.
First week of July it started again, It just happened suddenly, I was wearing a pad and it was soaked after 30 minutes, but after that the flow seemed normal, it went on for three weeks but I thought that might be expected after missing it for so long. But for the past week there are times when I feel blood flowing out heavily , this lasts afew minutes and large pieces of tissue come out as well.

I'm a bit worried now. I'v put off going to see a doctor because I'd been hoping it will stop on it's own, I haven't felt any pain or discomfort.
I'm 24 and am not sexually active, never had any problems like this before, I thought it might be happening because of stress.

Anyway, anyone have any advice? Or be able to explain what's happening? I'll be seeing a doctor if it dosen't stop soon anyway.
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Yeah, I went to a doctor at a hospital afew weeks ago, shortly after posting this. The doctor did a pelvic exam and took a sample, I went for a blood test last week, they told Me if anything unusual shows up I'll get a call. <br />
I was given a presc<x>ription to stop or slow down the bleeding, and it seemed to work, took that for around a week and a half, then my family doctor told me to stop an see what happened. I didn't bleed for around a week.<br />
I have started bleeding again but I get the feeling this is my period going back to normal. <br />
<br />
I'll update if anything weird happens again.

this has happend to me. i didnt have mine for 4 months then i came on and i was heavey then light and back to heavey for about 12 weeks then i went to my doctor and he put me on the pill

At first, I was just going to say it is probably a hormone imbalance and talk to your doctor, but after reading that you've been bleeding heavily in sudden spurts for a month, I'm afraid it sounds like something much more serious, but what it is I don't know. Very heavy bleeding can cause you to lose too much blood. Have you been feeling weaker lately too? At the very least, birth control pills might help regulate your period and lessen the amount of bleeding.<br />
You should definitely see a doctor as soon as you can. I hate going to the doctor too, but when something is serious, putting it off can cause bigger problems in the end.<br />
Please let us know when you find out what is going on. Hoping for the best! Take care

You should see your doctor, are you on birth control? Many birth control devices can effect your period. But if you are seeing tissue then I would be a little more concerned. You may have an ovarian cyst. Please let me know how this turns out. I tried to add you but couldnt.

I went through something similar. I didn't get my period for a couple months, from february to july. I got scared and went to my doctor and she said mine was probably irregular. When it did come, it was really heavy, it only stayed for a week though. I think you should go see a doctor about yours. It sounds really bad. I hope it's nothing serious for you though.