New Beginings Same Old Problems

I just started high skool where i almost knew no one well after making friends fast and dealing with my hard classes i was finally getting a handle on everything and its going well. i went to a football game last Friday my team won and i got a boyfriend everything was just starting to look up from a depressing first couple of weeks until Saturday i got my freaking period now i'm in my pj's constantly yelling at the people around me and my giant fluffy red blanket is now my new accessory because it is going everywhere with me and i don't want to go out so its my couch companion. FML cause now i have to go to high skool for the first time during my period. Can this get any worse. well at least my grades are ok and i won't be kicked out of the choir program.
MissySingerChic MissySingerChic
1 Response Sep 18, 2011

periods are awesome! Dont let it ruin your life, just get out there and be yourself, no one will know you have your period unless you tell them. Let me know how school is going