Happy Anniversary Period I Hate You

5 years ago today i got it the first time and ive been through h3ll since. at first it wasnt so bad just bad cramps but once they got regular they lasted like 12 days or so, bad cramps all the way through and i got a lot of double ones, two days off then on it again. but after a couple years they evened out, now they last about 6-7 days and dont get doubles as much. now i have other symptoms. the first days and when ever the cramps are worst i feel sick to my stomach and dizzy, i actually passed out once but i landed on the couch. i threw up one time too, one period that is but i was puking all night, it might have been the aspirin too. im so fatigued the first days too that i literally can not stay awake. i fell asleep in gym class once during attendance cuz of you know what. i did not think that was possible, and had enough sleep the day before. that is just once but i fall asleep all day regularly when im on it. im not toooo moody but i cry easier and feel like crap.

i usually get headaches too all day long. when the cramps hit i spike a fever of like 101-102 as well which Tylenol helps slightly. my flow is normal i guess but i cant say there is any thing else normal about it. i do not believe i have ever gotten through a whole period without getting blood stains on something. after chucking about 1,000,000 pairs of undies and spending hours scrubbing others i have smartened up and reserved special pairs for that time of the month which are stained and others that are black so ya cant see the stains. i also only wear black pants on it and dont sit on anything white as a precaution.-learned from previous embarrassments i may be making this sound worse than it is, its not every day all day but it does happen and i hate it.

i cant use tampons, i dont know why but iv tried and they just wont go in. i remember one time i had to go to swim lessons in literally 2 minutes and i was in the changing room trying to get it in till it hurt just crying cuz i could NOT get in and knowing i would be stuck using pads forever. i have tried several times and i do know there my vaj is but it wont go past like an inch before it just stops.(sorry if thats graphic)

now for the cramps. i get them for at least a week before i ever actually start but they aren't half as bad as the real ones. i get them so bad there have been times where i have ended up laying on the bathroom floor in the fetal position rocking, literally crying and moaning, wishing i could just die, the pain is so bad. that's common to me not every time but often. iv woken up in the night just dying in pain so bad i couldnt even get up to get pain reliever. i have been using Tylenol and it helps some granted i take before i am dying in which case it takes hours to start working. even if i take like 4 extra strengths (yeah i know your only supposed to take 2 but that dont always work) it doesnt take all the pain away just to be almost tolerable and does nada for the tiredness.

i had special meds for it they did nothing for the pain like they were supposed to the only thing they did was make it a lighter flow which was not a problem. i want to do something about it but my dad thinks im making it up to get out of doing stuff and my mom says its nature get over it. i want my 'stuff' removed all together. i mean with as painful and messed up as it is i doubt i could even have kids anyway. and i dont care if i could because i hate kids. just like i hate being a girl right now.
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I ant use tampons not for fear of them failing out but for them getting stuck in me and having to go and become utterly embarrassed by telling my mother I need to go to a gynecologist because my tampon is stuck in me.(it's the stupid string I knit so I know strong string from more frail) and being a virgin it just feels so utterly arkward id rather just wear pads and a select pair of undies for three days straight with my period. <br />
But my understanding on it is that we virgins can't use tampons because it is too tight down there. I can't go into detail but if you need to know message me or email me if you can. Pads are messy to deal with and having dogs can be just hellish. (a dog WILL try or will eat a pad. I've had two dogs that have done it only one hasn't even tried) disgusting as it is to remove a used one it is more disgusting to clean up after a dog that has eaten one.

I can't use tampons for the same reason. If I could I would probably still use pads. They are easier to use.

i agree but there are times when pads just arent good like at the beach and i dont think you can miss them like pads. but they do have to be changed more often