School Trip :/

Recently I have started my period(april18) this year I'm 13 and I am going on a school trip with my school on the 7th October I've worked it out and ill be on my period the good thing is I use tampons but we are out of the dorm at 7 and dont go back In till 7 and we are on the lakes there fore I can't carry any supplies can someone please help me. In the dorm ive got my 4 close friends so that doesn't matter as we Are All on our period :) but none of us know how to hide anything whist we are out. Also there are only 5 male teachers coming
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Get a mooncup, or divacup. Look them up on

hunny, you have just started your period... this means that it will probably be irregular for the next few months, even for a year... you period probably wont come on at the normal time. it will probably be a few days late each time... so i wouldn't worry to much about it because odds are it wont come on those days that you are gone. After the first time i had my period it didn't come for 4 months... so don't stress about it... Also you can try praying, that also helps me...

maybe try tking a little bag with you onto the lake? and change it from insude ur undies? <br />
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You could tell ur male teacher u have to change ur tampon- just be honest :) or just say you have to poop/pee and do it then :) <br />
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All the best :)

Yes we are out from 7 till 7 daily.

Ooh that's a toughie :/ but luckily you won't be the only one, and will you be out on the lake all day? or will you come back for lunch or something like that? Cause I'm sure there'll be a bathroom somewhere. If you're absolutely sure there's not, I know you said no female teachers are coming, but if one knows about the trip/helped plan it I would suggest asking them about it. They may have a solution.