Well... Just Annoying

I'm really happy that I don't have it bad like backache, or cramps or the like... I have one or two days of unbelievable sickness. I just feel sick all the time. And those are mostly hours in which I'm in a very bad mood and just lie around all the time to pity myself... I do know that it's not the worst that happens, I have a friend who vomits all the time... that is really bad. But I still am annoyed by this... I don't actually need my period... I'd like to call someone to say "Okay, I want to be pregnant, one period please and I'm done". :) Why every ******* month?
GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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2 Responses May 18, 2007

take a leave where pajamas all day eat ice cream AND SLEEP. u will feel like ur in heaven :)))

I certainly agree hun. I think it's awwwful to experience this s***. If you want to have a baby why couldn't Adam and Eve just stick around and call em' up and be like hey ho make me a baby... I'm ready to be a parent or something? We have to have the periods and the babies it is so unfair, plus guys b**** at us and say all the time how were too f*****' moody and one of my boyfriends in the past told me to take some midol and I was such an emotional wreck that I stormed in my room and cried and the next time I saw him I kicked him in the balls... I know i'm a beeotch, but I was so ticked off.