Fat Time of the Month

I'm a selfish female taunted by the expectations of society--one of which is to look hard, hot, cute, and pretty. I can say to your face that beauty has no relation to thinness (eating disorder: been there, done that), but I can't deny the discomfort I feel within myself every 28 or so days.

The week before that bloody mess, I often eat two breakfasts, two lunches, or two dinners each day. I want sweets and pastas. I'm happy as a horse and light as a feather, but a few hours later, the silliest disturbance can trigger in me some gruesome thoughts, thoughts of feeling worthless, of feeling worthless as death.

I chew, and I feel excited to workout afterwards. I swallow, and, feeling lethargic, lie down in my bed for ten minutes (cross that out) an hour until I remind myself of the studying I have left to study. Midnight arrives, mom's impatient, and too many past nights have I resisted her orders to go to sleep and not exercise. I surrender to my bed.

Five days later, each with the same routine, I feel 5 lbs heavier. My eyes sting from staying up late--from shirking my responsibilities for some media entertainment: an episode of Bones or Vampire Diaries, a random Youtube video, Facebook, Google Search, Scramble with Friends, etc. The worst part? that I feel chubby. That week before my period, I have been everything a potato has been: lazy, tired, moody, hungry, craving, and hungry.

But when the day finally comes that I see blood down there, I know that Fat Time of the Month is, if not already, just about over.

TangibleDragon TangibleDragon
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I feel fat and lazy during my period! Bad cramps, bloating and cravings for salty or sweet foods! When the bleeding stops is when I go back to being skinny.

Awesome, we share a similar experience! ;) as of right now...grr