I Hate My Periods

My periods are extremely heavy, i tend to stain everywhere i sat and it caused me great embarrassment no matter how often i change my pads. I even bought thr extremely big pads but sometimes when i get up from a sittin position for too long, it feels like some waterfall with some blood clots coming out all at once from underneath me. The rush can be so strong, the pad cant absorb as quickly. My periods can last for more than a week, and come back suddenly again after a day or two of clearence.It sucks and i wanna just get ridda all the stuff inside me...
jellyrainbowbeans jellyrainbowbeans
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

My periods used to me really heavy also until I went on Birth Control it helped regulate them and slow them down. Also I know how embarrassing it can be to throw such a bloody pad or tampon away and so I found this amazing product called Scensibles Bags, you should check them out, they have saved me a lot of embarrassment.