I seriously hate having sleepovers when I am on my period! I used to avoid spending the night at friends house when I was on my period because I didn't want to dirty their garbage cans! It always felt as though all the fun stuff happened the one time of month I was on my period! I still had this fear and would refuse to sleep over at my boyfriends or have him even stay at my place when I was on my period! My friend then introduced me to Scensibles Bags and they have seriously been a life changer! They are a discreet disposable bag for your pads or tampons! This week my first pack arrived in the mail just in time for my weekend trip away! I am on my period and they seriously stopped the embarrassment I didn't mind changing my pad or tampon at a family friends house! I felt so free for once! Issue Solved! Thanks to Scensibles!
SweetSyd24 SweetSyd24
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013