*I Hate Your Period*

Actually, I hate *your* period. This one is for all my female friends who have ever suffered the inconvenience, agony, disruption, hormonal tempests and ridiculous spectrum of symptoms that are enough to compromise a whole new set of pathology in its own right.

Not to mention this business about bleeding on stuff. Now there's a cause for justified agoraphobia if I ever did hear one.

The whole thing is one major design flaw. If the point of this whole business, is just to make ovulating women easier to catch then surely there's a better way to do it than this.


Yes, I hate your period :P
(but only if I like you. otherwise you can have some left over sympathy or maybe a chocolate that I bought off some kids doing some fundraising ;))
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Finally a guy that understands! I bet you're not totally ignorant when a girl ******* about everything for a week. All the guys I know (including my boyfriend) don't understand why I'm a super hormonal raging ***** for a week and then become an angel in comparison. It's so frustrating!

Yes, join us in the agony, lol

The sympathy is greatly appreciated... thank-you :)

ha! i oughta be your friend then. and very well said.

I am perfectly happy to let go of that particular reminder of my womanhood. Kudos to those of you that have wrapped your arms around it and chosen to love it rather than complain or despise.<br />
<br />
I know menopause happens for a reason. To basicaly turn off the tap as due to our age God felt we no longer needed to or could while mainting our health bear children.<br />
<br />
I'd like to go ahead and turn that tap off now please. Im 40...my youngest child is 16 and I have absolutely no plans to have another.

I agree with you Swat, about loving your period to remind you of your womanhood. I had a stepmother that turned right evil and angry during her time. She complained about it so much, that I am now glad to suffer through the pains of it to remind me of the beautiful thing being a woman is. And as a woman, thanks for your sympathy Dodo.

hahahaha... ok! I will be sure not to hate *your* period. It sounds like you are very satisfied with it :D

Don't hate my period, Dodo, because I love and appreciate it! Okay, so it sucks to have to wear tampons and ruin perfectly good bedsheets, but it's a small annoyance in comparison to the relief it brings! I love my period because it ensures me that I am not pregnant. I love my period because it is a reminder of my womanhood. I love my period because it gives me an excuse to take some time off from sex! Even when I have horrible menstrual cramps, I appreciate those. I'm a hypochondriac so when I feel a pain in my body (which is often) I expect and fear the worst. With my period, I know why I'm in pain. There is just some kind of consolation there.

I agree! Thank you, Dodo! I can't think of anything to say.... all these other women have pretty much said everything! And they are quite right!

Thank You! There are not too many guys see it that way. They just see the "Bi*** coming out in us. Some opf them don't even have a clue that it's related to our periods.

My favorite quote related to this story:<br />
"Never trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die."<br />
I can't quite remember the source...but how nice to have a man dislike my period every bit as much (probably more) than I do!

I think you got a veeeery good point. :) I mean... how can men expect us to walk on happily if we have pains everywhere. I'm happy that people like you exist. I wish all the rest of men to have menstruation for four days. :) That would be fun. I know some who would faint just at the thought of beeding four days in a row. XD

Thanks for the sympathies, smlgirl, but it's not meant to be that sort of thread! Us men do more than enough whinging about something that women can't control in the first place. This is my tale of unvarnished empathy for what women go through. I'm hardly going to hate people's periods just because they can cause some slightly erratic behaviour now and then. That's just a fact of life, and a fact of who a woman is from menses til menopause. The only reason I hate them is because of the symptoms that the woman who's menstruating has to go through, not because of what people around her might have to put up with!

What kind of chocolate? No nuts please. :p