I'm one of those girls whose regular is heavy and goes 7 - 10 days.... and there is only like 27 or 28 days in between... more often less.... and the cramps are a b****! And I get super moody... it sucks....
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I take Ocella now. It works wonders! Of course, its also the generic for the generic of a medicine but I don't care. :)

As of January, 2009 there is a new medication available in the US. It is called "Librel." Start taking "Librel" before menarche and you will never, ever have to have a flow!

To everyone who wants fewer flows, I heartily recommend the delightful medication "Seasonale." It eliminates most of our flows. Yes, it's birth control. Yes, there are dangers. I wouldn't be without it.<br />
<br />
It isn't abnormal to go without the flows. Up until the modern age, most women were either pregnant or nursing so much of the time that they usually had a flow only every three years or more!

Thanks again. Gosh I hope that day comes soon, and I hope you're right! Sounds wonderful. <br />
Love, PoeticRejection<br />
[May you have a wonderful day]

and if it's a guy you know likes you back try flirting a little and just be yourself. everything else will fall into place. love you hun.

Work on confidence. Got it. =]

You're welcome. Sooner than you know it guys will be all over you. You just need to be confident.

Thank you! No one has ever told me anything like that before. I truly appreciate that. Thank you.

Trust me. You are a wonderful girl and if guys can't see that then they don't even deserve to have a girlfriend. What they need is a good kick in the A S S!!!

Lol, thank you. I appreciate that (and I hope you're right!).

yeah, romantic stuff sets my heart on fire. I love that quote too. You will find the right guy soon... or should I say lover?

I am practically obsessed with all things romantic. I dream of having a love who will even just hold my hand. One of my favorite quotes is "Soul meets soul on lovers' lips". I daydream about love all the time. Anything romantic just sets my heart on fire... in a good way... you know?

So what do you mean you are a romanticist?

Sorry you don't have a bf yet. You will have one soon enough. Hopefully no heartbreakers and I wish you happiness and hope he is as good as mine, but it does take some time to make him (almost) perfect.

I'll be 16 in about three months. I've never really had a boyfriend. But I'm a major romanticist (is that the right word?). *sigh* =[

It wasn't always like that. Most men aren't as great as him. Some of my other boyfriends were just the opposite. so you don't have a boyfriend? how old are you?

Sounds like you are a lucky woman! I'd kill for a boyfriend... but one like you've got would be a dream come true!

I get cramps too. Try having to go to work and being around your boyfriend with PMS. The people at work are usually nice about it, but one time this guy was picking on me and saying I was moody and was making jokes about women and i threw a book at him. My boyfriend... basically have him trained. He goes to the store and buys me "supplies" and is really sensitive to my needs. He is great. Gives sensational back massages too that most women would kill for.