Down With Menses!

Down with periods!  Join me, my sisters, in breaking free of our menstrual bondage! 

Here is my proposition:  Block the dam!  Cease the flow!  End the tyranny! Refuse to menstruate!

No, I don''t know how.  I haven't quite thought this through completely, and I have no plausible means  by which to accomplish my goal, but with persistence I know we will overcome! 

Or we can wait for menopause. 

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what are you talking about

Ok, I'll admit it... I hate my period so much. But, menopause is so much worse... no more perky boobs, or firm skin. You get wrinkles instead. So, wait out aunt flo. Your period won't kill you.

to all those who feel they hate their period and getting it. all i have to say is try not getting it for four months wishing youd get it, not knowing if you can have children, not knowing whats wrong with you! Just feel lucky that you can get it regularly!

Oh how I hate my period... I feel like a wreck the first three days.. I feel sorry for these women who suffer for a week to ten days....owwwwwww... I myself am considering a hysterectomy . ???? I will see... just a question has any one here used the cup (an insert to catch the blood during one's period) I have never heard of anyone using it... <br />
<br />
Hang in women.. Greengal777

LOL. That was a funny story. Thanks for the laugh. Let's just face it, being a woman is tough work. And menopause is going to suck. No more perky breasts, wrinkled skin, and hot flashes, still sound good?

Theres some birth control that puts a stop to bleeding....I want it SO bad.

LOL as I read these comments---I think I'm done--but--one never knows---always have to be prepared--liked the comment about the mood swings---one year--I bought a witches broom at a craft show I was at---got a good laugh at myself with it------pushing 50-almost done--life is good!

Heya,<br />
lol, yea, it sux. This may help. <br /><br />
Also, Chuck has a good point. Lybral has been FDA approved, but we've heard that before. I would first check out the Web site, talk to your doc. <br />
about her recommendation for the pill.

I’m all for assassinating the dreaded “Aunt Flo”, the one relative you can’t wait to go back from whence she came. However, don’t count on the “change of life” to save you! I had a hysterectomy when I was 26 and have been going through menopause, off and on ever since. You’ll be flashing so hot that you’ll want to come out of your clothes whether you’re in hundred degree heat or knee deep snow; mood swings that’ll have your man ducking for cover (which, by the way is an effective training tool); and a loss of memory that will have you blathering in the midst of the most intelligent speech because you no longer have a clue about the point you were… uh… er… Yeah, down with periods!

Thanks for the insights chuckbobuck :) That's definitely a historical angle I hadn't considered....interesting....

Wow marji! That's intense! I've never heard of a flow that heavy! I feel for you...

Errr... I guess you *could* cease the flow and block the dam... but you might POP! And boy, would that be messy...