Ok I admit it... I just wanted a picture of Kotex in my experience window!!!  Doesn't everyone though?
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and you are so right about the nine months thing and higher population highly thought through. smart girl

yeah, you make a valid point, but only 3 days? Lucky you!!! mine lasts at least 5 days and usually more<br />
this month i've had my period 3 times. it only lasted a few days each, but feel like i've had pms the whole month. cramps, bloating, the whole nine yards. it was the first time it was this irregular. i have an appointment with my gynocologist today. hopefullly i will get this problem taken care of. good luck to you too and congrats on your children.

OH yes I so hate it... three days of absolute hell! Yuck Yuck Yuck! I'd rather wake up with an erection every day than that. BUT... I do have the power of producing life and that kinds evens things out. Now if we could take it from 9 months to 3 I'd be even happier. OH but then the population would pop wouldn't it. I guess there is no easy way out. hhhmmmm Way too much thought this morning. :)

that is funny, but you don't hate your period?

well... at least you're female. +lol+

Of course! Duh... Hellooo.