I Hate It!

It's not like I ever thought i was the only woman out there who hates their period, I mean, come on , who doesn't? But it's nice to know there's a group for us.

I was the first girl in my group of friends to develop and get my period. I started very young, I was 11. After that they all treated me like an outsider and it was hard going through such a strange time all by myself. I grew up with 2 brothers and I was never very close to my mom so I just always felt like a freak.

It didn't help that I had an extremely heavy flow from the beginning and the cramps were terrible. By the time I was 13 the doctor was recommending that I start taking birth control pills to help control it.

Now most of my best friends are guys and when every that time of the month rolls around again, none of them want to hang out with me. They treat me like I'm a werewolf and I automatically become some kind of monster. Yes, I do get edgy but still, it's a time when I really could use some friends.

Even my boyfriend tries to avoid me all week so as not to evoke my wrath. Which causes me to wonder, Do I really get that bad?

Yes, the cramps are killer, as are the back aches, head aches, and all the other aches that come, but emotionally, do I change that much?

Maybe the birth control pills would help. I'm afraid to take them because of my age and what the side effects might do to my maturing body (I'm 16) but if my period causes so much pain and alters my life so drastically for that week or even longer, maybe i should reconsider.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I totally get what you're saying. Mine started when i was young, too. (I was in the fourth grade.) And I know what it's like to get really moody. Just hang in there!

it's all a pain, no gain ( besides the water-weight gain and bloating) we shouldn't even need to have periods unless we want a baby or to be a b i t c h for a few days during PMS.