Eh, who actually likes them?
For one, you can't laugh.
My best friend made lame jokes. Being a lame person myself. I laughed. Niagara Falls. Another joke, Niagara Falls.
Honestly you can't even laugh properly when you're experiencing Niagara Falls.
Second you can't sneeze or cough, Niagara Falls again. You can't control it.
Third, you sit on a chair for a long time. When you finally stand. Niagara Falls non stop. Feels like a miscarriage with all those blood.
Fourth, you look like you just experienced a miscarriage.
Fifth, all those mood swings. So bad I didn't even cry for my kitty's death.
Feeling lethargic all the time.
Sixth, then comes the pain.
Oh my god, the pain. The cramps. It comes on and off. It strikes like a hammer then suddenly it fades THEN it comes back. Sometimes painkillers don't even work. They said painkillers would make you infertile but the pain is too horrible.
You check your rear everytime you stand to see if any overflow happened. If it does, it's so damn embarrassing like OMGGG.
Eighth, toilet breaks every now and then to see if your equipment is full.
Ninth, blood is scary and it stinks. Even if it's your own blood.
Tenth, I have irregular menstruation cycle. I wonder what's wrong with me. You don't get it and you go paranoid thinking you're pregnant or something. (I'm a virgin so I'm safe from the paranoia, what happens in the future)
Now tell me, does anyone at all with a sane mind actually likes this phase every month?
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Aug 20, 2014