so when i have my period like right now, I have cramps and they feel like something is stabbing me from the inside and they're twisting the knife
blosszm blosszm
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To me it feels like someone is breakdancing in my uterus..wearing spiky shoes..ouchy

I despise that feeling, and most pain I get while on my period is in my back. And nothing can stop that stupid pain.

Oh me too, ths is me right now. It'll be fine, but then I'll move wrong and it's like..PAIN! ...I'm so ready for it to be over

Mine used to hurt really bad like that so my mom took me to the gyn and they let me take birth control pills to regular my periods more. Now they never hurt.

Isn't that like every kind of cramp though

Easy for a guy to say.

Really because the description she gave sounds like the ones I usually get in my stomach