I Hate My " Aunt Flow"

I hate periods. They have caused me so many embarassments it's ridiculous. One time at a pool party I was wearing an itsy bitsy light blue bikini and my period wanted to show up and make a new design. So instead of having a light blue bikini I had a huge period mess and a blood stain in my bikini bottoms the size of a half dollar before I felt *wetness* and was on the way to the bathroom to check it and my boyfriend's best friend yelled "hey honey I think you started ur period" and everyone turned to look at me and about 15 people knew and lots of them were guys. It was horrible. I was mortified and from time to time when I have an accident, still am, but get over it faster now.
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I hate mine cause know it's useless I have no intrest in sex. Also because of the pain the first day. I do to my disabilities don't get stomach cramps no I get hip cramps. Hip cramps hurt so bad I get nauseous. And I hate when pain keeps me awake at night cause I am an early riser.

Period days are horrible,specially if you have aunt flow. During my school days i had stained enough ..Finally one day my mom got me these period panties called adira. I'm a loyal user of adira period panties since then,they have prevented staining my clothes many times. You should give them a try,they have hygiene panties too.

I once had a pretty big accident in school, big because I knew I had my period but it decided to flow out twice the normal rate and blood was EVERYWHERE on the seat of my pants. I mean everywhere. Luckily before hand I realized this and my friend let me borrow a long shirt of hers. But there was still blood all over the seats when I say down. I had to try to sit of the shirt or descretly clean the seat with the shirt. Luckily I think no one noticed. I still to this day bleed everywhere. I can't use tampons because they just feel so arkward. Pads often times bunch up letting blood go everywhere or quite a lot of times my bleeding will avoid the pad entirely and make blood spots on my sheets. Or any sheets in fact. Even wing ones are insufficient, cause they are more often then not ones that get bunched up. I am very lucky to only have at most a four day (technically three) period. I bleed a LOT on the first night and the second day, it's gotten to the point where I have to chose a pair of badly stained undies from all this stuff and wear them for three days straight until the bleeding has finally stopped to a trickle.<br />
Luckily too I don't get bad cramps, or feel bloated, but still I can't do anything during my period because I have ruined four pairs of pants now because of it, I use the heaviest flow pads and still have accidents. I went so far as to use light day pads to try to keep the pads from bunching.

wow that must suck :( but all of us have had major accidents at some point or the other. Have you ever tried menstrual cups?

I'm 13, and I started my period when I was 11 and used a tampon the third time I had it. Try the lighter flow ones from Tampax Pearl

I've had the same experience! It happened to me 2 times actually. I didn't know my period started during class but when I went to get up, the teacher caught me. She said, "Hey, you have something on the back of your pants" So when I turned my head around, and I saw this blood stain! That was not the embarrassing part really, but may be a little because of my teacher seeing it. Another time, was when I went to go shopping and I just had to go to the bathroom, I didn't know when I was going to have my period but I always check in the mirror if I didn't feel like going to the toilet. I saw a big huge blood stain and i think the people walking behind me saw it! But I didn't see them laughing.... (maybe they did)! I'm only 20 years old right now, and I actually love having my period because of the feeling of warm blood coming out. I just don't like the cramps and the embarrassment at all!

Traded my monthly cycle for a Harley. Best deal I ever made!

I'll bet that every female has experienced some degree of embrassment or humiliation with having a period. I've had my own and don't want to deal with that again.

I kinda had that same problem expect it was in class and my teacher was a boy and we were STRETCHING WORST TIME TO EVER HAVE AN UNEXPECTED PERIOD!!!! At least my two friends who are girls tolld me so I tied my red jacket around my waist. BUT the worst part, yes even more worse than stretching without knowing your on your period, is that one of those two girls told my other friend and now everybody knows! Even boys wont leave me alone cus of it! Their all like, " OOOH You got ur period!' Then they grabbed my pad out of my backpack and said, " OOH do you stick this on your butt!" THEN they laughed and went to the teacher and said I was harrasing them and I got detension! I didnt even get to tell my side of the story! I HATE AUNT FLOW!

sometimes it made me think "is this a curse?" ...<br />
men are so lucky.. i hope they are also experiencing the same thing so that 'period' will just be a common thing in the world! hahaha..lol!.<br />
I remember when im at school , the boys are laughing behind me and it made me think "are they laughing at me?" and embarrassly one boy shout -"whats that THING on your butt?" and i started to freak out and i rushed to the bathroom..and i saw that theres a BIG THING on my butt! so i just asked my friends to buy me some pads and i reversed my skirt :) luckily my skirt is red and checkered .. but of course it will still be noticed if its wet :))

What's to be embarassed about- it's a natural thing to experience- the dork that made a big deal of it was wrong- he should be the one shamed! Unnecessary ridicule and insensitivity should be condemned- not natural functions.

You should've wear 2 pairs of panties, with the inner panty being a tight high rise brief, and an outer panty, being a high rise boy leg, with wearing a dark blue swim shorts.

OMGGG! :( That sucks! I hate periods too! Many embarrassments, yes!

I think you should get better friends... That dork sounds very inconsiderate...<br />
Red bikini is a good idea though...:)

yeah, I know what you meant about not knowing which is worse -- cramps or embarrassment, cos here I was being all happy with a nearly trouble-free period half my life and then whammo! the downside of barely feeling when you've got it. ya can't win :P so was that biznazz about the suction devices really true? or urban legend? I swear if men didn't rule the world we'd have a way better solution than what amounts to little more than friggin cottonwool by now.

wow. treefroggy. that would suck!

Hardly ever get cramps or bloating or anything, but recently have gotten heavier flows -- it's awful b/c I'm over 30 and have had the worst, sudden, massive, very public accidents in the last 2 years! (one was minutes before I was to give a speech). I don't know why it's happening, I haven't had kids or gained weight or done anything new.... old age I guess ; ) I've tried switching to the Moon Cup this year, at least they last longer. In addition to never having to buy sanny pro again muhahaha

A similar thing happened to me years ago. I was at school doing Gym and I had forgotten my Gym knickers to wear under my Skirt. I told this to the teacher and she said I still had to do Gym in my normal pants (*****) I started my period in the middle of a gym class at school. The whole class noticed and they were all laughing at me. I'm 30 now and the memory of that day still makes me feel sick. I Think periods are terrible, they make you feel uncomfortable and ugly at best and at worse give you really embarrassing situations to deal with. Men don't realise just how lucky they are!!!!

thanks chemicat. and i understand the cramps. i get them too. like sometimes a week before. but sometimes my period still sneaks up on me. i don't know what's worse being inconvienced by cramps for a week or more or getting humiliated, because they both really suck. and yes, i almost did die...or wanted to anyhow. omg it's been so long since i've ever been to a pool party again. lol<br />
thanks for your comment.

All of my accidents happened when I was younger and didn't really know how to prevent them.<br />
<br />
Now I always know when my is coming because I get terrible cramps for DAYS before. It's terrible but at least I get a warning.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry you were so embarrassed. I'd probably die if that were me...

yeah me too i does know when it's comming now

Craphead you are such a nut.

Next time buy a red bikini and nobody will notice.

What a considerate guy, yeesh!