My First Period

This story is about my first period. I started my first period at school. It was at a pretty young age. I was still in elementary school. It was in the beginning of fifth grade. All of a sudden I started getting really moody and becoming what I would call an emotional wreck. One night my dad made a comment to my mom saying " Do you think she's going to start?" My mom said " No, she's too young." I didn't know what or who they were talking about, but at school a week later after recess I was in the bathroom. My teacher had taken the whole class to go for a ' bathroom break. I had blood in my underwear and was very freaked out and screamed. No one had ever had the talk with me about periods so I didn't know and worse of all I had a light stain on my pants and my teacher came in the girl bathroom to see what was going on and my teacher was a guy, unfortunately enough and so he got the school nurse and other female teachers involved. It was a very awkward year.
Cooliegirl Cooliegirl
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2007