I Have Another Story...

When I was older and started having major problems with my periods the doctor suggested seeing a gynocologist about my problems. So I started going there and my gyno put me on a pill that's suppose to slow down the bleeding, but it had dangerous side effects and I got really tired and got really bad headaches so she took me off of it and put me on birth control. Well, one day it was the weekend and my period was SO PAINFUL and at night I lost a blood clot bigger than a quarter (sorry I know it's gross). My mom was worried about me and drove me to the hospital to make sure everything was ok and in check. We get there and my mom has to fill out some paperwork and we wait for approx. 30 minutes and you have to take into consideration I am in very bad pain and still bloated, cramping, could not sleep even though I was tired, and about 3 nurses knew I was on my period and everybody kept on comming in the room asking " what are you here for?" and my doctor at the hospital was a guy and they did an ultrasound on my ovaries and I was so nervous about getting blood on the hospital bed and sheets and they had to put a catheter in my cooch, but first had to remove my bloody super plus absorbency tampon. IT WAS SO EMBARASSING!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been to that hospital again and never want to go back.
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I know your story is pretty old, but what did they ever find wrong? Didi you have an ovarian cyst? Just kinda curious. Oh, how are they now?

oh no!!