I Hate My Girl Friend's Flow

I am a guy so I do not get periods. However, my girlfriend has very irregular periods and I always feel so bad for her when she gets really bloated so bad she can't hardly fit in her sweatpants. I also hate the moodswings-she gets so bitchy. I also don't like her calling me at 5 in the morning and asking me to pick her up an economy pack of tampons, but I still do it because I love her and would do anything for her. Before I got her knocked up she had really bad cramping and couldn't hardly even walk. I've heard time and time again your period gets worse after child birth. Is this true? If so what can I do for her? If not, any suggestions about her other problems?
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It must be weird for the clerks to see a guy buying tampons...

Yeah im glad you take care of her. women go through more pain every month for a whole week than you can imagine. So i really hate it when men say "when women get their periods its just as bad for us as it is for them". they have no ******* clue damn it!!

for the irregular periods she could try taking The Pill...

OK For the record if you haven't been checked out by a doctor for extremely painful periods then you are not going to know what to expect after childbirth. Depending on your condition they will either disappear or get worse. worsening after childbirth is usually a sign of endometriosis and should be checked out because the unnatural growth of endometrium (the lining of the uterus) outside the uterus is what is causing the pain and can cause scarring on internal organs. If like me you suffer from a tilted uterus and hormonal issues then your pain can disappear like magic after a full term natural (vaginal with or without drugs) childbirth, because the bad orientation of the uterus will most often correct itself while you heal from the horrible experience that is incubation. <br />
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No I am not fond o the child birthing process

Thanks bthomas1823. I'll give that massage idea a try.

i hate getting my period. I too have heard that they get worse after child birth but Im not sure its true or not. I think the best way for you to help her is to massage her lower back gently, my ex use to do this for me every month when i was PMSing and it helped alot. I also take Ibuprofen and it helps alot for the bloating, cramps and every affect that comes along with getting your period each month.

Thanks marji, you sound like a very sweet lady. I appreciate the advice girls..or should I say women?

If you want to help her be extra nice and a back massage and foot rub wouldn't hurt. Some kind of pain medicine like Advil or Tylenol might help too. Midol works too ( most of the time).