I Hate My Period

i have not had a period in 2 years and now i have one again,see i had surgery to stop my period cause i would bleed for months when i had it so the did surgery to stop the bleeding,but now it started again,i have a bleeding disorder,that i blled and pass clot sizes of baby ,now i have to go back into the hosiptal....the cramps hurt
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2007

i feel so sorry for you, when i was younger i would get the worst periods. i would get bloated, pissed off at people at anything and i would cry for no reason. i also har clots the size of a fu(ing tennisball (but squashed

I hope everything works out.<br />
I have a very weird period,you know. When I'm stressed I can have it like two weeks straight and then one without and again two more weeks... Once I had period during two months! And the PMS! Awful!<br />
So I understand that your situation must be awful. I hope it gets better!!!<br />
Good Luck!!!

I feel sorry 4 u. Hope all goes well. I have bled for a month straight, that was bad enough. Also use to have clots, but not anymore. Still have PMS always have