Is There Something More Annoying?!

It's a curse!!! I'm telling you!!! I have it since I was 11 years and 3 months so I know what I'm talking about :(

I have a phobia for my period. I absolutely hate that part of the month. When I can't wear bright colored clothes just in case my period goes loony and my pants get all bloody. I have to wear really stupid black jeans that look really bad. I can't do sports, I have cramps, my back hurts, constant feeling of sickness, I'm going to argue with everyone and I have to be careful what's my position when I'm sitting so I don't get all bloody and I'm so tired all the time. I even missed school because of my freakin period. I had such cramps because of my ovulation I went to the hospital and 5 freakin doctors had to consult me!!! Argh! It's a nightmare, I'm telling you.
But on the bright side, we live longer because of it. It still sucks though >_<
And because I'm anonymous here, can I say that I always have stomach aches and my breasts hurt before my period comes? O_O

Blah! Freakin frackin friggin periods :'(
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2007

I started my period when I was 12 I use to get real bad migrains and sometimes would have to leave school because of it. Now I just get back pain real bad and i get real moody pissed off, sad, whatever. usually there not so bad though I only last about 3 days of actual bleeding but I give myself a week. Every now and then I get a heavy flow last month I had a heavy flow because the month before I had a real light flow like super light all I needed was panty liners. but last month I paid for it I swear it semed like no matter how often I changed my pad or tampon I still managed to leak everywhere ugh it was so annoying I hate that especially if I'm away from home cause then i have to stay like that until I do get home and it makes me feel so nasty and dirty. Speaking of periods I'm about due for mine wish me luck ladies ;).

Good Luck.

I missed school because of my period too. It totally f'ing sucks. I missed work a few times because of it. I get in a really bitchy mood too so everybody knows not to tick me off. It's really bad. I was in such an irritable mood a few times that i yelled at my boyfriend and he didn't even do anything to upset me. And the stupid cramps are so intense and sometimes hot baths and heating pads don't even help. So I usually take some motrin 600, tylenol, advil, midol......whatever, depending on the pain and the severity and then I watch a bit of t.v. and just zone out on the sofa or something. It is a pain....and all of this just so were able to have kids..... big ******* i n g deal!!!!!