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It is the most annoying thing. Month after month. It makes me so mad. I wish there was a switch we could just turn on and off. Yeah, I know it's part of being a woman and it means your healthy, but it sure doesn't make me happy. My cycle is so screwed up I could ******* i n g scream. I know this one girl who was actually nice when she was on her period and was a total b i t c h any other time. That's pretty strange, considering most women are the complete opposite. Anyhow everyone always acts like it is the most magical thing, yeah right only if you think magic is changing the color of your tampon from white to red. And seriously who could like their period? The only people who can handle it are the ones who are very regular, have a miracle birthcontrol, or haven't got it yet. And the only people who love it are drunk b i t c h e s that love to stay fertile. And since we do have it and can't do anything about it they should at least come out with some kind of watch that we can synchronize with our hormones so we don't get an unexpected suprise and guys could help too by not acting like such...... because some of my previous boyfriends have. Most guys are pretty good about it though because they are just thankful they don't have one. Honestly if God can do anything he could have came up with a better solution than women bleeding out of their vaginas 5-7 days, sometimes more, just so they can have children some day. And don't forget the PMS and PMDD. Like how is being irritable, having backaches, and headaches really going to help us ovulate anyhow? Cramps are a pain too, especially because it seems like sometimes I have them a week before I even start. Grr........

******* I N G  STUPID MENSES GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A ******* men. Pun intended

Preach... I hate mother nature. Im like dang im not having sex so why do i need a reminder that im not preggo

Yeah, good story. id like to use tampons but always find them very painfull. just another cross to bear.

glad you liked it blondiebabe. I don't know if any guys have read it....why would they be in this forum? but if they did, they just got an earful......or should i say eyeful.....that they probably did not want to know.

This was the best story ever written. You didn't just talk about yourself. You talked about what we all go through. I love that idea about a watch that we synchronize our hormones to. Talk about f'ing neat. Oh yes. Drunk b*tches that love to stay fertile? I almost died laughing while reading this. HILARIOUS. Thanks for making being a women a little bit funner. Think any guys have read your story? Ball Buster :)

that's a good one. i love sunglasses. that's cute. so it was your friend who told you to take them off? oh and by the way i never got zits, but during my last period i got a zit and it was so f'ing embarassing and it hurt like hell. ah well...NOXZEMA helped clear it up. it was gone in like a day. it still p i s s e d me off though. my friend Jackson was teasing me so i was like i hope you get one motherf u c k e r!!!

haha i know and then you always break out!! i always wear sunglasses during the day even at school and in classes and my friend told me it brought attention to my mouthh. and then the next day he was like.. uh. take ur sun glasses out.. its not good to have attenetion there todayy.. u broke out.. i was like TAHNKS ***** IM ON MY PERIOD **** YOU! hhah. and he was like.. that is everyones excuse.. unless u really are.. I AM THANKS!