Holy Sh*t!

It's a gosh-darn curse!Even a week before, I get cramps, and my cramps are so f'ing bad that sometimes I have to take off school, and NOTHING HELPS! And, I mean NOTHING! No Asprin, Tylenol, not even those hot-water bottles. And, it just like gushes out, I have to sit a certain way so it doesn't leak, god, I'd do ANYTHING to not have the curse. Last but not least, I have the worst PMS!

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3 Responses Oct 21, 2007

yeah, it does work some of the time, but if its really bad, its like i never took it.

birth control definitely does help. i'd recomment Loestrin24 to be on "it" for less days......or YAZ for the PMS and it's also suppose to treat PMDD too which is almost like PMS......only worse. idk tho' it didn't really treat my PMS/ PMDD symptoms, but i guess it's different for everyone. what always works for me for cramps is a really hot bubble bath and just to sit there and soak for hours at a time. and those thermacare heat wraps are f'ing amazing! have you tried Midol yet? that helps........sometimes.

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Have talked to a doctor? Sometimes they can prescribe birth control pills to help with cramps and to cut down on the excessive bleeding.