Some Of The Worst Pain I Have Ever Felt !!!!!

 don't get me wrong im no wussy , i have broken fingers and toes , ive had a dentist stab my sinus cavity during a root canal when the novacaine was wearing off , it takes alot of physical pain to make me cry , i got a tattoo on my spine and found it comforting , 


but every time that special time of the month rolls around its always the same , 


it always feels like someone is ripping out my insides , the pain is awful , all the muscles in my abdomen clinch up and my back muscles randomly spasm , a lot of the time all i can do is just lay down or sit and rock my self back and forth and wait for the meds to kick-in , even with meds the pain last about 6 to 8 hours .thank god it only last the first day i start. 


ive known a lot of guys that pick on me because i dont do anything the first day of my period . but what alot of guys dont realize is some ppl like my self do find them self horrible pain for at least one day out of the month , 


when i was in high school it was soo embarrassing having to be picked up because you had your period , once i tried to tuff through the day and found my self laying in the hall way crying because i wanted my mom to come get me , all my friends were coming up asking what was wrong and the vice principle told them "shes fine shes just started her time of the month". i wanted to die , and at the time i felt like i could of , by the time my mom got the and i looked in the car mirror my whole face was pale green and i felt pale green , 


idk why im like this , idk why it only last one day but i wouldn't wish it on anyone , ugh 
theGirlwiththeSmile theGirlwiththeSmile
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2010