Month Cycle

Goodness where do I begin?

Well it has been regular since I started which was in junior high.  Mine always came later.  My cycle is longer than four weeks, probably more like five weeks.  In junior high the cramps were unbearable and had major mood swings.  It was awful.  Thankfully the cramps went away with time.  Throughout high school I could look at the four week mark on the calendar and than add a couple days and that's around when our "friend" would come and visit.  Doctor said that was normal, nothing for me to be worried about. 

In February 2009 I was put on the birth control pill Tri-Sprintec.  The first couple months there were more days of blood than there was of no blood.  I hated it.  By April my cycle went relativly back to normal.  I started my second year of college in August 2009.   Maybe in October I started to bleed many days.  Example: bleed four days, no bleed one day, bleed two days, no bleed one day, bleed six days.  I absolutely hated my period during October and November 2009.  It's like my cycle was reversed.  I would bleed for ten days in a row.  Not bleed for a day or two than start bleeding again.  Finally I went and asked my doctor about it.  He said that I had break-through bleeding and that we should change my birth control pill.  He wrote a new prescription.  I finished out the last packet of Tri-Sprintec which ended around Friday December 11, 2009.  I was supposed to start the new prescription the day I started my period.  I did not know what to expect for the month of December because I was used to bleeding all the time.  My goodness never though I'd say it but during the rest of December and early January I actually wanted to start my period.  It felt so weird to go for a whole month without bleeding.  There were two reasons for this thought. 1: Make sure I was not pregnant. 2: start new prescription.

Thankfully our "friend" came sometime in the middle of January 2010. 

Like a lot of women I hate my period.  I would love it if we just didn't have them. 

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Wow read the second to the last line and just realized I'm in the same predictiment. Well sort of.<br />
<br />
I have not had a period since last year. As of tomorrow it would have been four weeks since 2010. I believe I should have started my period by now. Maybe my cycle is messing up for some reason. I do not like the unpredictability of my period.

A LOT of women feel the same way you do about having periods. You are definitely not alone in your thoughts about them.