I Dread My Period

I absolutely hate it. My mind is like spinning and my emotions go up and down. My emotions are everywhere, it's not stable. A week before my period starts I;m a **** ant, the wk that I'm on my period I'm so freaking happy. So yeah shouldn't it be the opposite? I think that's kind of weird. I should be pissed when I'm on my period only for the fact I'm not getting sex. But when I'm off I'm an horn dog going wild on the hubby! 5 days without sex I freak out and just need it. I don't believe in red wings. I think that's the most dirtiest thing ever. I can't seem to do that. It doesn't feel as good either. I can say I have done it once and it was such a horrible feeling and experience. I can't get my mind off of sex when I'm on my period. It sucks majorly. I absolutely hate them. I had plenty of breaks when I was pregnant that was the only great thing being pregnant was not having a period for 9 months!! I loved every moment of it. Even though my emotions were still awkward. Yes, it was normal pregnancy will do that to you. I started late also I was 14 and going into 9th grade. I think I was the last in all my friends and maybe the school haha. I started late but it felt like it was the worst. I hated the cramps and the bloating it just sucked all the way. I really wish once you had kids u wouldn't have to have another period ever! That would be freaking awesome! But I know I'm just dreaming!

GreenEyedBeauty GreenEyedBeauty
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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

There is always anal sex babe ! try it ! you ll love it ! xo peter