Ugh, Yes!

I've had my period since I was twelve, and it's been nothing but a pain in the ***. I really don't tend to get it that bad, but I still hate it! It bothers the crap outta me that guys have NOTHING to deal with in this world. Like, I get cramps ONCE and awhile...and it's not like I bleed to death or anything like that, but it just...ugh, it just KILLS! lol! I'm exhausted for the whole time that I have it, cravings chocolate and butter like crazy, feeling bloated, you name it. And plus, especially toward the middle of it, I tend to leak on my bedsheets. Great, just great. Fun to be a woman, isn't it? lol


Shopaholikk77 Shopaholikk77
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010