Questions??? Help!!!!

Hi ladies, I have heard this roomer from my mom, if you get a chill or your body is exposed to cold for too long when you are on  my period it can hurt  my body.

and i have also heard from my mom that lifting things over ten pounds when on my period can hurt me as well.


Are any of these true or are they just myths

thanks if any of you have an answer please feel free to comment

So Confusing

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yeah maybe its old fashion knowledge but i know from experience that when i am on my period and i eat ice cream or something else really cold or freezing i get chills and it is really heard to warm up??<br />
<br />
have you ever had that??

I don't think so... I work out with a personal trainer and I was lifting weights for an hour yesterday. I've also been out in the cold for a long time and it hasn't bothered me. Maybe it's true for other people, but not me. I've had mine for eleven years now and never had a problem with the cold or heavy weight lifting.